Ohio University

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Volunteer Standards and Expectations

  • Promote a positive image of Ohio University and the Alumni Association;
  • Act with honesty, integrity, and respect towards all individuals in person and electronically;
  • Shall not discriminate against any individual based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, etc.
  • Shall maintain appropriate social media manners concerning the alumni association, the board, and the groups and promote the alumni association and events in a positive fashion.
  • Will not serve alcohol to any individual under the age of 21 and will use proper identification at events.
  • Conduct themselves in a safe manner to ensure the safety and well-being of others.
  • Shall not engage in any type of harassment, verbal or physical, towards any individual.
  • Enhance the relationship between alumni, students, parents and the university;
  • Report to and work with the office of Alumni Relations in a timely and effective manner;
  • Update the office of Alumni Relations monthly on all newly acquired contact information including email addresses, business address, phone number etc.
  • Include OUAA liaison on all group print and electronic communication including social media, emails, listervs, invitations, newsletters, etc.;
  • NOT collect dues or donations without prior consent from the Office of Alumni Relations;
  • NOT open any bank account in the name of the group or hold funds within a personal account.