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Event Toolkit

Faculty Participation at OAA Events

The OHIO Alumni Association strives to work closely with our college units so that we can be a supportive campus partner and an effective cross-campus collaborator. One way that we engage with the units is inviting their faculty members to participate in OAA-sponsored events. The most obvious example of such faculty participation is our annual Alumni College program, but we also invite faculty to speak at many other programs and would like to encourage our chapters and societies to consider inviting OHIO faculty to participate at their events. Below are some guidelines for inviting an Ohio University faculty member to speak at your program.

Things to Consider:

  1. Program date: When do you need a faculty speaker? We recommend notifying your OAA liaison well in advance of your event; for example, for our May Alumni College program, we begin contacting professors in January. Faculty members are often quite busy and have to organize their speaking engagements around course schedules, personal commitments, and other appointments. This means the earlier you let us know, the better. We recommend one month’s notice at a minimum.
  2. Program location: Where is your event? If your event will take place away from campus, you will want to be upfront about this during your conversations with your liaison. The liaison will share this with the potential faculty speaker. In the initial invitation, we recommend including the event location, expected or suggested travel times, and information about any financial support you can offer. If a faculty member will need to book a flight and/or find overnight accommodations to attend your event, we recommend utilizing your tier funding to cover the costs of these expenses.
    1. Video conferences: If your faculty member of choice is unable to travel to attend your event, consider having him or her to join the event using a video conference service such as Skype. While having an in-person speaker may sometimes be preferable, using video conferencing can be an easy and convenient way to include a far-away faculty member in your event.  
  3. Speaker expectations : What do you want the speaker to do? When you contact the OAA, explain what your event is, why you would like speaker to be involved, and what his or her involvement will entail. Speakers often want to know how long they will be expected to speak, who (and how many) will be in the audience, and whether there will be video and/or audio capabilities for Power Point presentations, video clips, etc.
  4. OAA approval : Because our office hosts a variety of events featuring faculty speakers and collaborating with the college units, it is very important that your OAA liaison be made aware of your chosen speaker and your liaison extends the invitation.
  5. Brainstorming speaker options: If you would like to invite a faculty member to speak at your event but aren’t sure how to find the right person, just contact your OAA liaison. We will collect relevant information from you, research faculty speaker options, and help you choose the right professor for your event.

Questions or concerns?

If you’re considering inviting a faculty member to participate in your event or would like more information about how this process works, please don’t hesitate to contact your OAA liaison. We are happy to provide guidance and appreciate your commitment to helping the Alumni Association cement its status as a supporter of our academic units and a proponent of cross-campus collaboration.