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Chapter and Society Finance Policies

Tier Funding
To achieve the maximize volunteer and alumni engagement, the OUAA established our Chapter and Society Tier Structure.

  • The OUAA also offers support in the form of funding. This funding can be discussed more with your OUAA liaison and following is a brief overview.
    • New/Reorganized group- up to $1,000 (chapter/society only)
    • Liaison – up to $1,000 a year
    • Network – up to $3,000 a year
    • Chapter/Society – up to $5,000 a year 
  • Your chapter and society liaison must be kept up to date about activities and how you would like to use the funds to properly allocate the funding from the tier structure or from your account.
  • These funds must be used to support an alumni event or chapter, society, network, liaison. Funds do not carry over into the next year and funds cannot be transferred to a scholarship.

CV Card Rules & Regulations*

  • Only the President and/or Treasurer are authorized to have a purchasing card (p-card) in their name. o Upon vacating their position as President or Treasurer, the volunteer needs to mail/return their p-card to the OUAA for proper cancellation.
  • Chapters/Societies are not permitted to have a bank account outside of the OUAA for chapter/society funds or for use by the chapter/society.
  • Your OUAA staff liaison should receive receipts from your purchases within a week of the purchase being made.
    ** Volunteers are required to send in original receipts for all purchases.
  • An itemized receipt is needed for every transaction in order to process purchases.
  • If you lose a receipt, contact your OUAA liaison for further information.
  • If a p-card limit increase is needed, the volunteer needs to alert their OUAA liaison a minimum of 10 days prior to the purchase being made for adjustment purposes.
  • If you plan to purchase alcohol through any vendor, the volunteer should notify their OUAA staff liaison a minimum of 10 days prior to the event for approval.

*Failure to comply with any of these items could result in p-card access being taken away from the chapter/societies in addition to the forfeiture of tier funding and/or OUAA chapter/society recertification.
** Your P-card will be deactivated if receipts are not received within 21 days after the transaction is made.
When receiving registration fees at an event the chapter/society is hosting, the following breakdown and terms should be followed:

  • Checks should be made out to The Ohio University Foundation. No other distinction is allowed or will be accepted by the Ohio University Foundation.
  • The event planner or chapter/society President should mail or personally deliver checks to their liaison at the Ohio University Alumni Association within 7 days after the event (52 University Terrace, Athens OH 45701) if an OUAA staff member is not present at the event.
  • Processing of checks typically takes between 15-20 business days. Please alert attendees that this is the case to limit questions or concerns.


  • Cash can be taken at events but should be converted into a money order to be sent to the OUAA.
  • A spreadsheet or registration sheet should be utilized to track cash transactions for walk-ups and those paying at events. This sheet should then be sent via mail, fax or in person to your OUAA liaison.

Credit Cards

  • At this time, Credit Cards cannot be taken at events staffed by volunteers only (this also includes the use of order processing platforms like Square and Paypal). Should this policy change, your OUAA liaison will provide you an update.
  • Paypal and Square also cannot be used to transfer funds to the OUAA.

Other Items

  • Chapters/Societies wanting part of the proceeds from an event to go toward scholarships need to notify their OUAA liaison as to the amount to be donated after the expenses for the event have been paid.
  • Reimbursement requirements include:
    • The volunteer must complete a substitute W-9 form to be reimbursed. The volunteer must also turn in an itemized receipt for the event. Once the paperwork is filled out and signed, the reimbursement process typically takes 45 business days.
    • At no point should cash or checks be deposited into an outside bank account before being forwarded to the OUAA.
    • The volunteer board will be responsible for educating new board members and volunteers regarding the policies and procedures provided in this document. The OUAA liaison can certainly be a resource in this process and will have the responsibility to speak with the President and Treasurer to be sure all questions are answered.
    • It is the responsibility of each volunteer board to agree upon and provide decisions as to how tier funding dollars will be utilized throughout the year.
      • The OUAA does hold the ability to provide final guidance or decisions for volunteer groups regarding tier funding dollars.