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Hello Fellow Bobcats!

I'm Jessica Criswell ('06) and am so excited to be serving our alumni chapter in the Raleigh-Durham area. As we work to reignite our chapter, I hope you'll share your thoughts and ideas to help make this chapter what you want it to be. There are so many Bobcats in the area and I want to make sure our chapter strives to meet the desires of our alumni. If nothing else, who doesn't love to share their fond memories of their time in Athens with other Bobcats?

My goal is to make our chapter one of the most active and involved across the U.S. and think with being located in the capital of North Carolina, we are strategically placed to make able to make an impact in our community. Bobcats as passionate and involved people, so I want this chapter to be both socially active, as well as contributing to our immediate communities through service.

Please feel free to reach me at jlcriswell826@gmail.com and I look forward to connecting at our events!

-Jessica Criswell

President, Raleigh-Durham Chapter


Jessica Criswell-Agate




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