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Hello Lowcountry Bobcats! Welcome to the proud home of the OHIO Alumni Association’s Lowcountry Bobcats Chapter Network in Charleston, South Carolina! Thank you for your interest and we hope you will join us. We are comprised of many areas in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and represent upwards of 500 Ohio University alumni who call the Charleston and Tri-county area home.

The goal of the Lowcountry Bobcats Chapter Network is to offer a variety of opportunities and services to benefit our alumni, Lowcountry community, and alma mater as we further its historic and cherished tradition. For so many alumni, our time at Ohio University fostered some of the greatest experiences and friendships of our lives. “We’ll find no days that glow so brightly, as those we spent at old O.U.” We hope to offer a variety of events throughout the year that will help you to not only reminisce upon those memories but also create new friendships and experiences here in the Lowcountry. At our events and within your Chapter Network, we hope you will be able to network and engage with other Bobcat alumni, keep well informed of Ohio University programs and news both locally and on campus, contribute to our Lowcountry community, participate in philanthropic events to benefit Ohio University scholarships and local charities, gain new Bobcat friendships, and participate in worthwhile and fun alumni activities for all ages and walks of life. These activities may include alumni Happy Hours, OHIO Athletic and local sporting event game watches, local music, food, and cultural festivals, beach activities, and much more alumni and Lowcountry experiences.

We are a rather new organization and we hope to revitalize YOUR Chapter Network with your involvement and fresh ideas so we can best serve, inform, connect, and engage yOU, OUr fellow Bobcat alumni. We are excited to hear from you, to support you, and to see you at future events! Please connect with us below by emailing a representative and visiting our Facebook page to get regular updates on Ohio University and Lowcountry Bobcat information.


Aaron Comstock




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