Ohio University

Sending Email with the Ohio University Alumni Association

The OHIO Alumni Association provides broadcast email services to OHIO staff and alumni volunteers to enable them to easily communicate with various OHIO alumni groups.

Per University policy 37.030, all alumni communication must be sent by Advancement Communication and Marketing. Colleges, units and departments are not to maintain shadow databases, or distribute emails to alumni, and Advancement Services does not provide email addresses to be used by individual colleges or entities. Basic guidelines are as follows:

E-mail message dates
We ask two weeks' notice to schedule an email. A follow-up message can be sent about a week prior to an event as a reminder. All email requests are scheduled as the date you will receive an electronic proof. The send date is within three business days of receiving final approval on the proof.

For emails with a target send date of 48 hours or less from the date of request, a member of the Advancement Communication & Marketing digital team will need to obtain approval from Jenn Bowie or Erin Essak Kopp.

Event planning
Give your constituents time to plan for events. Thirty days is best -- seven is our minimum. Initial email announcements cannot be sent less than seven days prior to an event.

Busy times
Because of the high volume of requests received, occasionally requests will become backlogged and two weeks may not be enough time to process your message. In that case, you will be notified of the delay when the proof is scheduled.

Email Request Form
The OHIO Alumni Association has developed this online request system to allow staff and volunteers to easily submit all the information necessary for us to process broadcast email requests. Before you begin a request, please make sure you have the following information and files ready:

  • Intended recipients (including chapter or society name, alumni affiliations, or for geographic requests, zip codes).
  • What should appear in the “Subject” line in the email header.
  • Preferred proof dates.
  • Group hosting/sponsoring the event.
  • Event title.
  • URL for event web site or registration page.
  • Start date and time, end date and time .
  • Event location.
  • If applicable, registration information (cost per person, etc.).
  • The information to be provided in this request form is in its final form. All others who should have been consulted before making this request have been consulted, and no changes are pending.

Once you have the above information:

Click here to begin an email request.

The request is not completed until you reach the confirmation page. You will receive a copy of your request.

Questions before you begin? Contact us.