february 2017

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Q: The Galbreath Chapel marks the spot where this OHIO couple first locked lips:

THE ANSWER IS: C) John W. Galbreath and Helen Mollineux Mauck

According to campus legend, the chapel marks the spot where John and Helen Galbreath shared their first kiss as University students. The two met while studying at OHIO, and they married. The Galbreath Chapel was gifted by alumnus Mr. Galbreath in memory of Mrs. Galbreath after she died in 1946. The daughter of the prominent Mauck family of Gallipolis, Ohio, her maiden name was Helen Mollineux Mauck. The chapel is formerly named The Helen Mauck Galbreath Memorial Chapel.

The Galbreath Chapel is open to all faiths and denominations. OHIO alumni have been known to tie the knot there.



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