Linguistics Alumni Newsletter, Winter 2020

Chair's message | Linguistics welcomes alumni, applauds faculty, plans for 50th

We have had our usual comings and goings and some notable visitors, a big promotion (Dr. Liang Tao), an alumni award (Dr. James Stratman), and a surprise donor (Ruth Yenling Ting). And Associate Professor Emerita Beverly Flanigan stopped by to see us…

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Finding a long-lost fishing vessel, washed ashore in Okinawa

Koudai Nakada's educational journey has entwined with Ohio University for five years, most recently tied to the incredible tale of a fishing boat that disappeared during Japan's 2011 tsunami, only to wash ashore seven years later and 1,200 miles away.

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Alumni news

Notable Alumni | James Stratman lives where law and language entwine

Dr. James Stratman, BA '73, retired from the University of Colorado Denver as associate professor of communication studies, but his road to success followed courtrooms as well as classrooms.

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Ruth Yenling Ting donates $3,000 to linguistics

She remembered that when she was at OHIO, someone donated a large amount of money to help students from Taiwan, and she wanted to return the favor, allowing the Linguistics Department to help Taiwanese students once again.

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Linguistics faculty present at TESOL, meet alumni

Linguistics faculty presented at the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages International Convention and English Expo, meeting up with alumni as teachers and scholars from around the world converged in Atlanta for the TESOL expo.

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Yoshimura returns as visiting scholar in linguistics

Observing classes and tutoring sessions in the English Language Improvement Program, Fumiko Yoshimura found the quality instruction and learning environment valuable and relevant to her own teaching.

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Alexandra Koran studies Swahili, heads to Peace Corps in Rwanda

Ohio University alumna Alexandra Koran, BA '19, won a U.S. Critical Language Scholarship, a highly prestigious and nationally competitive scholarship, to study Swahili for eight weeks in Tanzania.

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Faculty news

Tao Recognized for work in interactional linguistics, Chinese language learning

Dr. Liang Tao, recently promoted to full Professor of Linguistics. is being rewarded for her hard work in the areas of interactional linguistics, usage, exemplar representations and grammaticalization, Chinese language learning, and more.

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Moran, Bell present at Kings and Queens Conference in Sicily

Drs. Theresa Moran and David Bell’s paper examined how changes in royal menus during the reign of Vittorio Emanuele III (1900-1946) reflected a growing Italian nationality, which in turn helped preserve the monarchy.

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Dawn Bikowski awarded U.S. State Department Grant for online education E-Teacher Project

The eight-week online course is part of the American English E-Teacher Program, which delivers virtual learning opportunities to over 1,800 foreign professionals worldwide.
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Student news

Linguistics minor Analee Davis studies languages, wants to teach English or Spanish abroad

Analee Davis, BA '22, grew up in Guatemala but knew she couldn’t stay there for college. “Because I wanted to do English and Spanish,” she said, and Guatemala just didn’t have want she needed and wanted.
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Singing, dancing and churning the cheese in Sicily

Students experienced making pasta, tasting oil, wine and chocolate, volunteering in the Caritas food kitchen for the homeless, visiting makers of Sicilian jams, sauces and pastries, and of course, making cheese.
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Chinese language student wins prestigious scholarship

John Wehrkamp won a highly competitive scholarship from Project Global Officer (Project GO) to support his Chinese language studies for eight weeks at Indiana University this summer.
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Students present research on second language acquisition

Graduate students and faculty presented at the 2019 Second Language Research Forum at Michigan State University, coordinated by alumnus Matt Kessler, a Ph.D. student there.
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Students put intercultural communication skills to work for Athens MakerSpace

If you have never heard of the Athens MakerSpace, students in the ELIP 1300 Business Relations and Communication Skills class have made it their goal to change that.
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Arabic language students prepare dinner for community

The Arabic language students cooked three dishes that are popular in many Arab and Middle East countries — Falafel, broad beans, and Shakshuka (eggs with onions and spices).
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Students study Vietnamese, Burmese at summer institute

Mark Sakach was awarded the competitive Foreign Language Area Studies scholarship to study Vietnamese. An Nguyen received a tuition scholarship through the University of Wisconsin to study Burmese.
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You’re invited to Settling Ohio: First Nations and Beyond, Feb. 21-22

The first people in Ohio arrived more than 13,000 years ago. These Native Americans overcame rapid changes in climate, eventually building the state’s first homes and becoming the state’s first farmers. More than 200 years ago a series of events and actions began to shape the state of Ohio we see today — its government, its economy, and its people. Empires clashed and diverse peoples mingled.

Hear from historians, scholars and the Chief of the Eastern Shawnee. The Settling Ohio conference is Feb. 21 and 22 at Baker Center. It is free and open to the public.
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Linguistics colloquia

Linguistics Colloquium | A Longitudinal Study of L2 Writers' Metacognitive Genre Development, Feb. 7
Linguistics Colloquium | Development of Italian National Identity in Royal Menus of King Vittorio Emanuele III, Feb. 14
Linguistics Colloquium | Job Hunting for Linguistics Graduate Students, Feb. 28
Linguistics Colloquium | How To Write Interview-Winning CV and Cover Letter, March 27
Linguistics Colloquium | Tsunami Disaster Prevention Tourism in Tarō, Japan, April 3

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