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Bobcats by the Minute

Bobcats by the minute! Below are ways you can be involved with OHIO, broken into time increments.

1 Minute

5 Minutes

  • Tell a friend about an alumni event you plan to attend or invite a friend to attend with you.
  • Visit the Bobcat Store.
  • Send an update to Class Notes  or a photo for consideration (wedding, tour, etc.)
  • Share a news clipping/article about an alumnus winning an award, writing a book or opening a business.
  • Send OAA an email  about your most recent Bobcat event/experience.
  • Enter your car into the Homecoming parade.

10 Minutes

  • When you're on campus, visit Konneker Alumni Center for a little gift and sign our guestbook.

30 Minutes

  • Read your OHIO Today magazine, OHIO Alumni newsletter or other university publication.
  • View the OAA website to see the list of upcoming events that may be of interest for you and register to attend. 
  • Reconnect or catch up with a former roommate, classmate, professor through a phone call, letter, email or on social media.
  • Update your Bobcat Gear by visiting the Bobcat Store
  • Nominate an alumnus for the OAA Board of Directors
  • Nominate an alumnus for an OAA Alumni Award.

1 Hour

  • Attend the chapter or society event you registered for.
  • Attend a chapter or society meeting to find out how to be involved with your local Bobcats or from your college/student activity group.
  • Meet up with the roommate, classmate or professor you reconnected with, for coffee or lunch.
  • Attend a high school college fair, through your enrollment with the VAAN program
  • Make a significant impact on a young professional (and give yourself an excuse to shop), by donating used professional clothes to the Career Closet. For more info on how the Career Closet works or to donate click here.

4 Hours

  • Volunteer to help set up or clean up a chapter or society event, as well as attend.
  • Sign up to host a Dinner with 12 Stranger and network with current students.

All day

  • Plan a trip to Ohio University, with your family or friends! A casual trip or a reunion!
  • Join your fellow alumni at Homecoming, On the Green Weekend and other university/ OAA events.


  • Join one of our alumni tours and travel with fellow Bobcats!