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Bobcats by the Minute

Bobcats by the minute! Below are ways you can be involved with OHIO, broken into time increments.

1 Minute

5 Minutes

  • Tell a friend about an alumni event you plan to attend or invite a friend to attend with you.
  • Visit the Bobcat Store.
  • Send an update to Class Notes  or a photo for consideration (wedding, tour, etc.)
  • Share a news clipping/article about an alumnus winning an award, writing a book or opening a business.
  • Send OAA an email  about your most recent Bobcat event/experience.
  • Enter your car into the Homecoming parade.

10 Minutes

  • When you're on campus, visit Konneker Alumni Center for a little gift and sign our guestbook.

30 Minutes

  • Read your OHIO Today magazine, OHIO Alumni newsletter or other university publication.
  • View the OAA website to see the list of upcoming events that may be of interest for you and register to attend. 
  • Reconnect or catch up with a former roommate, classmate, professor through a phone call, letter, email or on social media.
  • Update your Bobcat Gear by visiting the Bobcat Store
  • Nominate an alumnus for the OAA Board of Directors
  • Nominate an alumnus for an OAA Alumni Award.

1 Hour

  • Attend the chapter or society event you registered for.
  • Attend a chapter or society meeting to find out how to be involved with your local Bobcats or from your college/student activity group.
  • Meet up with the roommate, classmate or professor you reconnected with, for coffee or lunch.
  • Attend a high school college fair, through your enrollment with the VAAN program
  • Take a guided or self-guided campus tour. Contact Katrina Heilmeier at heilmeik@ohio.edu

4 Hours

  • Prepare and submit your Cheermeister Video.
  • Volunteer to help set up or clean up a chapter or society event, as well as attend.
  • Sign up to host a Dinner with 12 Stranger and network with current students.

All day

  • Plan a trip to Ohio University, with your family or friends! A casual trip or a reunion!
  • Join your fellow alumni at Homecoming, On the Green Weekend and other university/ OAA events.


  • Join one of our alumni tours and travel with fellow Bobcats!