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Cherry Blossoms

Enjoy a picture slide show of the beautiful cherry blossom trees that were a gift from Ohio University's sister school, Chubu University.

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Masa Suzuki

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Sakura tree blooming marks opportunity to celebrate Japanese culture | Mar. 13
The Japanese Student Association held its 11th annual Sakura Festival on Sunday March 27th. It brought students together from both Ohio University and Japan’s Chubu University to celebrate the blossoming of the cherry blossom trees.  Read more

After leaving Brazil, Mateus Vakuda realizing dream as a Bobcat | Mar. 13
Mateus Vakuda's Japanese heritage influenced the Brazilian native to pursue a career in baseball. He is now playing for the Ohio University Bobcats.  Read more

First OU Japanese Sports Administration graduate keeps ties internationally | Jan 5
After a chance meeting at an Cleveland Indians baseball game, Noby Ito became the first Japanese Sports Administration graduate.  Read more