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Social Media

Bobcats like you have a huge presence on social media. It’s easy. Login, search for friends, and join thousands of your fellow alumni on the following sites:

  • Facebook
    A whopping 40,000 people like the OHIO Alumni Association page…and that’s just the last time we checked. Our photos, videos, questions, and status updates bring campus life directly to your News Feed. Like us now and get our numbers up. Go 'Cats!
  • Instagram
    Want to see great photos of your beloved OHIO campus and Athens? Follow the Alumni Association on Instagram and that's exactly what you'll see! We’re always posting. If you're an Insta user, visit our page from time to time to see the images we're sharing.
  • LinkedIn
    The Bobcat career network is going strong on Linkedin. Join more the than 29,000 OHIO alumni building their professional networks on your OHIO Alumni Association Linkedin page. Get connected now!
  • Pinterest
    See what fellow OHIO alumni find interesting and discover creative ideas for your next project on the OHIO Alumni Association page on Pinterest. Our boards include Apps by alumni, Green & White, Books by alumni, Home Sweet Home, Baby Bobcat, and more.
  • Twitter
    We’ve got more than 13,400 followers, and we’re just getting started. On Twitter, it's a little bit of everything. News about campus, students and alumni. Links to photos and videos. Information about events. Find out what everyone’s saying. Follow and tweet about your OHIO Alumni Association @OHIOAlumni
  • YouTube
    Do you love videos? Who doesn’t? Check out your OHIO Alumni Association YouTube channel for Homecoming video highlights, like the parade, the awesome Marching 110, and maybe even a funny cat video…Bobcat, that is!