Airport Response to COVID-19

The airport is operating as usual and is still maintaining 24/7 coverage. The airport is still open to any flights coming and going. 

The airport will remain open to the public unless advised otherwise by the FAA, State or Federal government.  Fuel, oil, pilot supplies and maintenance are still available. The airport serves as a stop for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, MedFlight and military as well as all general aviation traffic.  Having the facility remain open allows these entities to continue providing service to the surrounding community as necessary.

Administrative staff are working on site and remotely. Staff on site is practicing social distancing as advised by the CDC. Custodial staff are following university procedures to sanitize and disinfect the airport daily.  Multiple hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the area for use. 

The front door of the terminal is locked after 4:00pm.  Anyone needing entrance after 4:00pm should use the phone in vestibule to contact line attendant on duty.

For more information about Ohio University's response to COVID-19, visit

University COVID Info