Airport Facilities & Services

SPECIAL NOTICE: Pilots should check Notams for Airport information.

Ohio University Airport offers Fixed Base Operations (FBO) services to aeronautical users. These services include:

  • Jet A and 100LL aircraft fueling (available 24/7)

  • Courtesy car

  • Pilot shop

  • GPU

Current Aviation Fuel Prices (includes all taxes)

  • 100 LL $5.01/gallon

  • Jet A $4.19/gallon

Updated 2/9/18

Crew Car
Available for a maximum of 2 hours for trips within the local radius of the airport. Crew car rental form must be completed and signed by the user. Valid automobile driver's license and proof of insurance required.

Aircraft Rental
Aircraft for hourly rental is available through the Community Flight Program to qualified, insured pilots. Pilots must be registered with Ohio University CFP, have a current medical certificate, and may need to complete a flight check with a CFP certified flight instructor for the aircraft to be rented. Call 740.597.2629 for more information on aircraft availability.

Tiedowns, de-icing, oxygen, aircraft parts, daytime/overnight parking

Credit Cards Accepted
Mastercard, Visa, Discover, U.S. Government; Multiservice, Phillips, American Express

Ramp and Overnight fees:
Click here for our schedule of Rates and Charges