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The following photographs represent selections of African Art from The Ohio University African Art Collection located on the third floor of Alden Library. Pieces are owned and maintained by the Kennedy Museum of American Art. The photographs will be followed by a short body of text highlighting information about the item.


Bamana Chiwara Male Headdress

Chokwe Drum

Christian Clergyman Figure by: Fakaye

Figurative Relief Carving by: Fakaye

Fon Ceremonial Recade

Hausa Bowl

Hausa Ink Pot

Hausa Sword and Scabbard

Ifa Bowl with Lid

Kirdi Bead Skirt

Kuba Elephant Mukenge Mask

Kuba Ngady a Mwaash Mask

Lami Toto Pot

Nigerian Bracelets

Nupe Stool

Pende Mbuya Mask

Yaka Slit Drum

Yoruba Shango Staff


A History of the African Art Collection at Ohio Unversity



All photographs courtesy of Allen Keener and The Kennedy Museum of American Art, The Ohio University.