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Why give?

Why Give?

The reasons people give are as numerous and diverse as the donors themselves, but every gift – whether large or small, helps secure the promise of Ohio University.  Whether it's one inspired moment or a series of experiences culminating in the desire to give back to OHIO, one thing is certain: your generosity is a measure of our success.

Thanks to your support:

  • We have established ourselves as a highly active research university, a prestigious designation only given to around 2.3% of the 4,391 schools assessed by the Carnegie Foundation;
  • We are the top public university in the state for licensing revenue generated from research discoveries;
  • In 2009, Forbes magazine ranked us as 4th in the nation for research return on investment;
  • In 2010-11, we boasted 10 Fulbright Scholars and 70 nationally competitive award winners.
You can see from our past that your confidence in OHIO’s future is well placed.
             Give Back Today to Prevent the Burden of Tomorrow

This chart reveals that diminishing state funds – as a percentage of our total budget – will lead to a tremendous burden on our students. We cannot allow this to happen. Be like those who came before you and provided for Ohio University while you were a student.