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Research and Creative Activity

One question, one insight, one risk can lead to the
next innovation, the next cure, the next creation.

David Bayless

Discovery is a never-ending pursuit at Ohio University. In laboratories and minds across our campuses, the search for answers to some of society’s most pressing issues is underway. One such effort can be found at Ohio University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment. Through the leadership of Dr. David Bayless, an expert on coal and biomass gasification, the center conducts research on air quality, fuel diversity, electrochemical technology and other critical issues that affect people’s quality of life and the health of our planet.

Like Dr. Bayless, our prized faculty members are in high demand. To further their efforts and keep them at OHIO, we must increase our number of endowed chairs and professorships. The resources and prestige that chairs and professorships provide are invaluable to our University and to the concept of discovery.

We also must continue to invest in student research and creative activity. When we supply funds for undergraduate and graduate projects, we provide students with that extra push to take a bold step on the road of discovery. These funds can make the difference in whether a dance major is able to present original choreography in person or is reduced to send it by video. Or whether students have the resources to present a mock business plan to executives overseas.

Join us in helping to unlock answers and inspire greatness. Supply a graduate student stipend so that he or she can work one-on-one with a prized faculty member. Endow a chair or professorship and ensure the quality of education for which Ohio University is renowned. Purchase and donate the newest and fastest technology in our labs. Arrange for a visiting artist to share their creative wisdom to our students.

The choices are endless.

A goal of $105 million for Discovery will support many important initiatives, including those listed here. • Creative Activity Fund • Endowed Chairs • Endowed Professorships • Faculty Research • Graduate Student Stipends • Student Research • Technology Fund • Visiting Scholars Program

Faculty who hold named professorship and chair positions at Ohio University are scholars and scientists at the top of their fields. These prestigious positions are created by the generosity of OHIO’s alumni and friends and not only attract the best of the best to OHIO but also attract top students who want to study with these premiere faculty members to OHIO.

Kelee RiesbeckHost of WOUB-AM’s “Conversations from Studio B” Kelee Riesbeck, BSJ ’91, interviews these faculty members to learn more about their passion for their field and to share the kind of work OHIO researchers and scientists do for the general public. Click on a story below and listen to how private philanthropy impacts OHIO and it’s students.  

What are some of the world’s most notable religions in Asia? How are they different? How are they the same? Brian Collins, the first Drs. Ram and Sushila Gawande Chair in Indian Religion and Philosophy in OHIO’s College of Arts and Science, talks with host Kelee Riesbeck about these topics and what drew him to this field of study. Collins also talks about how his students engage with the material he presents in class and how he aims to promote further study of southeast Asian cultures and religions at OHIO. Click here to listen.

E.Ann Gabriel is OHIO’s James E. Daley Professor of Accountancy in the College of Business and the director of the School of Accountancy. Gabriel talks with host Kelee Riesbeck about the work of an accountant: is it all just sitting at a desk working with numbers or is there more to it?  Click here to listen. 

Dr. Habibah Ashari, the Tun Abdul Razak Chair in Southeast Asian Studies at Ohio University, discusses her tenure at OHIO in this interview. The position was funded in 1979 by the Malaysian government, Ohio University and 38 corporations. The chair position is filled by a senior Malaysian scholar selected by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education in consultation with the Tun Razak Council and OHIO. The Tun Abdul Razak Chair—known simply as the Razak Chair—is the first such position established by any American university with support from a foreign government. In December 2011, the position received additional support from Yayasan Sime Darby, a Malaysia-based multinational company. Listen to host Kelee Riesbeck’s interview with Ashari.