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Award Process


Nov. 30 – Letter of Intent submission is due for prospective projects. Letters of Intent submitted after Nov. 30 at midnight will not be accepted for review in the current award cycle.

Dec. 17 – Prospective projects notified of decision regarding proposal submission invitation. If chosen for submission, a password to the Secure Submission Site is provided to access the proposal form.

Feb. 28 – The completed proposal is due, including 2 letters of support and the budget.

Spring Board Meeting – Proposals are presented to the Board by the project members.

June 30 – Project members will be notified if the project will be funded and the amount of the award.

Project Requirements

All projects must meet certain requirements to be eligible for funding from the Sugar Bush Foundation.

  1. The project must involve sustainable development in the areas of environmental and socioeconomic development through education, implementation or practice.
  2. An Ohio University college, school, department or program must be involved in the development of and benefit from the project.
  3. The community partner must be a 501(c)(3) registered, tax-exempt charitable organization.
  4. Sugar Bush Foundation provides funds for start-up, research and/or program development, general support and other support as determined. Any operational expenses requested would be closely reviewed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Sugar Bush Foundation does not provide funds for capital projects.
  5. Projects funded are to be long-term (more than 12 months) and provide high potential for self-sustaining in the future.
  6. The project must benefit at least one of Ohio’s 32 Appalachian counties.

Letter of Intent

If your project meets all of the requirements above, please submit the Letter of Intent Form below.


If Other is selected above, please specify what kind of funding is requested.

** If you are seeking a continuation of funding, please submit this form now unless the scope of the project has changed significantly.**