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Ohio University (Athens Campus) is OPEN.

Power has been restored to McCracken Hall, Glidden Hall and Putman Hall. Seigfred Hall remains ... More Information

Board of Directors

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Clark, Linda
Retired Director, OHIO Innovation Center  



Flournoy, Mary Anne
President and Co-founder of the Sugar Bush Foundation  


Flournoy, Eli
CNN Worldwide’s Senior Director of International Newsource  


Flournoy, Don
Professor, Telecommunications; Co- Founder, Sugar Bush Foundation  



Greenlee, Richard
Retired, Dean of Ohio University Eastern Campus and Retired Interim Dean of Ohio University Zanesville Campus  


Geiger, Alan
Retired, Assistant to the President of Ohio University and Secretary to the Board of Trustees  



Kuhre, Carol
Organizational Development and Fundraising Consultant  



Lovdal, Tom
Owner of T.H. Lovdal & Co. Ltd.  



Newman, Ed
City of Athens Interim Litter Control Officer & Retired, Refuse and Recycling Manager, Ohio University  



Trese, Art
Associate Professor, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions  



Voss, Hylie
Timber Management