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Linda Clark

Clark, Linda
Retired Director, OHIO Innovation Center  

Linda Clark was the Director of the Ohio  University Innovation Center 2000-2010. She previously served as assistant director for business & technology development for the Innovation Center and Technology Transfer Office. Linda has held several management positions at Ohio University, including manager of financial and information services for Edison Biotechnology Institute and manager of computer operations at the Ohio University Osteopathic Medical Center. 

She has more than 25 years of management experience at Ohio University and more than 10 years in the private sector. 

Linda and her husband own and manage a family farm.


Mary Anne Flournoy

Flournoy, Mary Anne
President and Co-founder of the Sugar Bush Foundation  

Mary Anne Flournoy is the Associate  Director Emerita of the Center for International Studies at Ohio University, served as a Faculty Fellow in the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards  and Co-Coordinated the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching in the College of Education. She is a member of Women in Philanthropy at OU. Prior to joining the Center for International Studies, she taught sixth grade at Waterloo School in Athens County.  

She received her PHD from Ohio University, BA from Rice University and MAT from Johns Hopkins. She was recognized as Outstanding Administrator at Ohio University, and received the Social Justice Award from United Campus Ministry in 2009.  

She is active in many community organizations and has served as Board Chair of Rural Action and Planned Parenthood of Southeast Ohio. She is a past board member of the Appalachian Ohio Alliance and a past member of Calliope Feminist Choir. She and husband Don live on a 300 acre farm west of Athens which is protected by a conservation easement. They have recently planted more than 3500 native hardwoods as a riparian strip along the three creeks which form the watershed for their farm.

Don Flournoy

Flournoy, Don
Professor, Telecommunications; Co- Founder, Sugar Bush Foundation  

Don Flournoy is a Professor in the  Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University. He and his wife Mary Anne are the owners of Sugar Bush Farm, Athens, Ohio. 

Over many years, Don and his wife have been active supporters of such community organizations as Rural Action, Planned Parenthood, Red Cross and United Appeal. They are founding members of ECOTAF (East Central Ohio Tech Angel Fund) helping to identify, nurture and provide capital for start-up businesses in the Southeast Ohio region. 

Don and Mary Anne founded the Sugar Bush Foundation, which became a supporting organization of the Ohio University Foundation in 2005.

Eli Flournoy

Flournoy, Eli
CNN Worldwide’s Senior Director of International Newsource  

Eli Flournoy is a 21-year veteran of  CNN’s newsgathering operations in the United States and internationally, is charged with overseeing a 24/7 team of assignment editors and managers dedicated to serving more than 220 affiliate broadcasters outside the United States. 

Formerly a supervising editor on CNN’s International Desk, Eli was central to directing coverage of the world’s biggest stories of the last 20 years, including the Bosnian War, the Kosovo War, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Princess Diana’s death, the war on terrorism, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Southeast Asia tsunami and the Israel/Lebanon conflict.  

Eli also has extensive field-production experience which includes coverage in Angola, Indonesia, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, India and Pakistan, and Hong Kong, as well as the explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia and East Coast Blackout in the United States. Eli has also worked on site in doing breaking news coordination, training workshops, newsgathering workflow and strategy assessments with CNN affiliate stations in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Kuwait, Lebanon, South Africa and Angola. 

Eli is a graduate of Indiana University (BA ’91) in Political Science with a minor in Spanish and an African Studies Certificate.

Eli is on the Youth Board of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Atlanta, Georgia, through which he has led work mission trips to Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico and West Virginia. Eli also serves on the Advisory Board for Kennesaw State University’s Center for Student Leadership.


Alan Geiger

Geiger, Alan
Retired, Assistant to the President of Ohio University and Secretary to the Board of Trustees  

MBA ’82, PhD ’84, EMERT ’08

While an Assistant to the President of Ohio University from 1984-2007, Dr. Geiger served as the President’s Executive Assistant. He represented the President and the office on official University matters and, as needed, served as the President’s delegate. 

As Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Dr. Geiger was the liaison between the Board, the President, and other executive officers of the University. He was responsible for overseeing the preparation of agendas, schedules and the general coordination of this governing body’s activities.

Dr. Geiger is active in area civic organizations. He and his wife reside in Athens. 

Rich Greenlee

Greenlee, Richard
Retired, Dean of Ohio University Eastern Campus and Retired Interim Dean of Ohio University Zanesville Campus  

As the Dean of Ohio University Eastern, Dr. Greenlee served as the chief administrative and academic officer for the campus. Dr. Greenlee oversaw a campus of 1100 students, 17 full-time faculty, more than 90 adjunct faculty, and a staff of 27.  OU Eastern offers 3 associate and 11 bachelor’s degrees. 

As Interim Dean of Ohio University’s Zanesville Campus, Dr. Greenlee oversaw a campus of 2000 students, 50 full-time faculty, more than100 adjunct faculty, and a staff of 50. The campus offers 6 associate and 10 bachelor’s degrees.

Dr. Greenlee has served as the Associate Provost for Appalachian Access and Enrichment Programs with the Office of the Provost. Dr. Greenlee has worked in the areas of social work and social work education for over 40 years.

Dr. Greenlee is an Ohio University dean emeritus, was named an Appalachian Teaching Fellow 2010 as designated by the Appalachian Regional Commission, and has been the recipient of numerous other professional awards. 


Carol Kuhre

Kuhre, Carol
Organizational Development and Fundraising Consultant  

Carol Kuhre served for fifteen years as  executive director of Rural Action, Inc., a not-for-profit community-based organization working on sustainable development initiatives in the Appalachian counties of Ohio. Prior to serving with Rural Action, Ms. Kuhre served as co-director of United Campus Ministry at Ohio University—a center for social justice and spiritual growth. She also served the Lutheran Church in campus ministry positions at Penn State University and Ohio University. During her tenure with both organizations she helped to form seven community-based organizations. 

Carol holds a B.A. from Concordia College and a M.A. from Ohio University, both in sociology. She is also a trained fiber artist who has exhibited and taught fiber arts over a twenty-year period.  She has traveled and lectured in Europe, Africa, the Philippines, and Central America on issues of art, theology and social change. She is married to Dr. Bruce Kuhre, Professor Emeritus of Sociology from Ohio University, and is the mother of two daughters and a foster-daughter.   

Currently she is serving as an organizational development and fundraising consultant with grass-roots groups in Appalachia who are committed to social justice issues. She has recently completed service as President of the Athens Foundation and the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, a national foundation based in New York City. Carol is coordinator of the Earth Justice Network, an interfaith group working on issues of global climate change and energy efficiency.


Tom Lovdal

Lovdal, Tom
Owner of T.H. Lovdal & Co. Ltd.  

Tom Lovdal grew up on a dairy farm in  Connecticut. Working side-by-side with  his father, he developed a love for nature and a respect for the environment. 

Tom earned an electrical engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Northern Brazil and worked for USAID in Guinea Bissau. Tom worked as a construction manager on large industrial projects in the United States and Canada before starting his own residential building business in 1982.

Tom was building the "Not so Big House" long before its popularity entered the mainstream always emphasizing energy efficiency, compact floor plans and use of local, healthy materials. Recently Tom completed a life-long dream by building a “Net-Zero” home, a home that produces as much power as it consumes.  

Tom currently he serves as Treasurer of the Sugarbush Foundation, helps with Habitat for Humanity projects and enjoys his retirement by taking long daily hikes in the woods. 


Ed Newman

Newman, Ed
City of Athens Interim Litter Control Officer & Retired, Refuse and Recycling Manager, Ohio University  

Ed Newman retired as the Refuse and Recycling Manager at Ohio University  after 22-years in the Office of Recycling and Refuse. Ed started working with recyclables in 1984 in with the first comprehensive curbside collection of recyclables in Athens. 

A co-creator of RecycleMania, Ed worked with Miami University to create a competition between the universities to see who could accumulate the most poundage of recyclables in a specified time period. The competition has grown to over 600 participating schools. 

Ed is an awardee of the Tim McClure Award for Outstanding Environmental and Community Leadership in 2008 by the National Recycling Coalition and an Administrator of the Year Award in 1998.

Currently, Ed is acting as the City of Athens Interim Litter Control Officer. Ed serves on the board of Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc., the nonprofit organization that oversees the solid waste district’s recycling center.

Ed is also a musician, playing the hammer dulcimer in “Boys of the Hock”, a Celtic Band.


Art Trese

Trese, Art
Associate Professor, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions  

Art Trese is an Associate Professor at Ohio University. Art made a  presentation in September 2012 entitled “Sustainability: Alternative  Agriculture”, an analysis of our current agricultural system and how we can all work to improve it. Art’s research focused on the sustainability of foods, ranging from local to global economies. 

Art’s courses include introductory plant biology to upper level plant pathology. His departmental involvement includes the curriculum committee, recruitment committee, undergraduate advising coordinator and West State Street Research Site committee. 

Art’s current and recent student research projects include characterization of bean mutation that selectively prevent nodulation in common beans (improve nitrogen fixation), plant gene expression during nodule senescence (limitation on and regulation of nitrogen fixation), characterization of peanut nodulation as an example of a more “primitive”, yet extremely efficient interaction.


Hylie Voss

Voss, Hylie
Timber Management  

Hylie Voss is the daughter of Don and Mary Anne Flournoy. An Athens native,  she now lives with her husband Bruce and daughters Annie and Katie in  Southlake, Texas.  

Hylie manages 600 acres of timber land in East Texas, and serves on the board of the forest landowners association there.  Hylie enjoys gardening at home with her husband Bruce, and coordinating the garden at her children's school.

Prior to raising kids, Hylie taught school for six years, worked with the homeless for six years, and worked in character and abstinence education for four years.  She has trained children's workers in Albania, worked in a tent kitchen following an earthquake in Turkey, assisted refugees in Germany, Uganda and Texas, and swam in a race from Asia to Europe. 

Hylie is a graduate of Baylor University (BS ’84) and Ohio University (MAIA ’96).