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About the Phone-a-Thon

The Phone-a-Thon

This mockumentary - written and produced in the tradition of "The Office" - followed the social, emotional and professional ups and downs of Jake (Cole Woodruff, BFA '11), Liz (Victoria Little, BA '12), Sue (Lisa Marie Summerscales, BFA '10) and Dan (Carmen Carfagna, BFA '11) through their senior year working as callers at the Ohio University Phone-a-Thon. They're just OHIO students completing thousands of phone calls with alumni and friends and raising money to support students, faculty and programs. In addition to starring OHIO students, the series was created and written by Conor Hogan (BSC '10) and was produced by students in advanced video production courses in the Scripps College's School of Media Arts and Studies. Originally created and distributed during the fall and winter quarters of the 2009-10 academic year, we just couldn't bear to part with it. So, it lives on in posterity here. Click here here to read the script from the first episode [PDF], and watch all ten episodes here! Enjoy "The Phone-a-thon"!