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Student scholarships do more than just bring the best and brightest to Ohio University - they help keep them here. Thanks to the generous support of private donors, Ohio University has more than 950 scholarship opportunities. Your donations - both annual gifts and endowment gifts - help make these scholarships possible.

Here are just a few of the scholarships that Ohio University offers:

To search for scholarships awarded at Ohio University or to view a complete list, please visit the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

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(Please note that not all scholarship funds are able to receive gifts. Please contact 1-800-592-FUND or giving@ohio.edu for information about donating to a specific scholarship)

Appalachian Scholars Program

Appalachian Scholars Program Logo

Established in 2006, OHIO's Appalachian Scholars program is a need-based scholarship initiative that supports high school students from 32 Appalachian counties in Ohio. Ohio University recognizes its unique position in and responsibility to southeastern Ohio. Nearly 36 percent of undergraduate students enrolled at OHIO, including the Athens campus and regional campuses, are from the 32 Appalachian counties supported by the program.

Home to a large portion of the Ohio's economically disadvantaged students, sixty-five percent of Appalachian high school seniors surveyed said lack of finances is a primary barrier to attending college. These students are forced to choose between amassing staggering debt or abandoning the dream of college; the fact that only 12 percent of Ohio's Appalachian residents have a college degree – less than half the national average – demonstrates the choice they are forced to make.

The program provides academically qualified students with a four-year renewable scholarship, an annual book stipend, a summer pre-matriculation program, and a host of other resources and support systems to help them succeed and realize their potential at Ohio University.

Make a gift to support the Appalachian Scholars program and select "Appalachian Scholars" in the gift designation drop-down box.

For more information on the Appalachian Scholars program, please visit the Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention.

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Cutler Scholars Program

Cutler Scholars Program

The Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program—using a proven merit scholarship model like those developed by the Rhodes Trust of Oxford University—emphasizes identifying and nurturing leadership potential and an individual obligation to respond to the human condition. The selection process, colloquia, and a challenging program of four enrichment experiences are designed to develop transformational leadership for society. Nearly 150 Cutler Scholars have graduated from the program since its inception.

The Konneker-Ping Fund is an endowment named in recognition of program founders Wilfred Konneker and OHIO President Emeritus Charles J. Ping. It supports multiple facets of the Cutler Scholars Program.

The Endowment expands the scope and depth of scholar enrichment and development. Funds are used to host professional development and leadership seminars, for teambuilding initiatives, and for costs associated with educational fieldtrips, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

Learn more about the Cutler Scholars Program on the program's website.

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The Gates Foundation – Ross County Scholar's Fund

Gates Scholarship Banner

Founded by Chillicothe native Larry Gates and his wife, Mary, the Gates Foundation helps Ross County students realize their future at OHIO through a major scholarship fund, which will eventually total around $10 million.

Eligible students include graduates of Adena Local, Chillicothe City, Huntington Local, Paint Valley Local, Southeastern, Union-Scioto Local, and Zane Trace Local school districts. Students will have attended their entire senior year at the high school from which they graduate or will be home schoolers who have been aligned with the Ross County schools. They must also be entering an institution of higher education within four months of their high school graduation.

The scholarships are available to students wishing to attend ANY accredited, bricks-and-mortar institution of higher learning.

More information or apply for Gates Scholarship.

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The Green and White Scholarship Fund

Green and White Scholarship Banner

Ohio University maintains a scholarship fund for crises experienced by OHIO students and their families. Each year, several students face serious financial challenges, such as a parent's unemployment, medical expenses from an illness, or impacts from natural disasters. Ohio University wants to ensure that no student has to forgo their education because of such situations, which is why the Green & White Scholarship Fund exists. This fund provides $1,000 scholarships to offset tuition for full-time students who are experiencing financial hardships. Your support can help ensure that these types of devastating situations do not also destroy a student's education.

Make a gift to support the Green & White Scholarship Fund and select "Other" in the gift-designation drop-down box. Then write "Green & White Scholarship" in the "Other" field.

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Urban Scholars Program

Urban Scholar Logo

The Urban Scholars Program is a need-based scholarship program designed for high school graduates of urban school districts in Ohio. The program provides scholarship support to students from disproportionately represented groups with demonstrated financial need, excellent academic achievement, and the desire and motivation to succeed.

Increasing costs coupled with decreasing state support mean more of the financial burden of higher education is placed on students. The State of Ohio's average in-state tuition cost has increased by 13.4 percent on university main campuses over the past three years.

Urban school districts in Ohio serve a large portion of the state's economically disadvantaged and minority students. One survey demonstrated that nearly 50 percent of all college-qualified, low-income high school graduates cite cost factors as being a primary reason they do not go to college. The Urban Scholars program was designed help combat that growing trend.

For each student selected, the program includes a four-year renewable scholarship, an annual book stipend and participation in an annual leadership seminar. Those students also will receive funding to attend an approved professional conference in their junior years, internship opportunities, and technology and research training.

Make a gift to support the Urban Scholars program and select "Urban Scholars" in the gift-designation drop-down box.

For more information on the Urban Scholars program, please visit the Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention.

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OHIO Alumni Association and Affinity Group Scholarships

OHIO Alumni Association Logo

Alumni Association and Affinity Group Scholarships support students associated with a particular affinity group based on geography, college, school, or special interest.

For more information on any one of these scholarships or support funds, please contact the OHIO Alumni Association at alumni@ohio.edu or 740-593-4300.

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