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What's Happening

To assist you in your search for what's happening around campus and Athens, we can provide you these calendar links:

While you’re in town, you can always rely on local publications to give you up-to-date information on around-town happenings. Try The Post, The Athens News, or The Athens Messenger for any information regarding the weather, the latest university buzz, and special events around town.

You also may look for copies of the Athens County Visitors Guide, published by the Visitor’s Bureau, or the Athens County Annual Manual by The Athens News for a listing of additional special events. These can help you plan your next trip to Athens!

Looking for previous issues of newspapers, or just a place to relax? Try a library. If you're on campus, OU's Alden Library in on the College Green, and if you're off campus, the Athens County Public Library is on the east side of town, near Bob Evans.

Alden Library
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Athens Public Libarary
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