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Combat Veterans Club continues honorable legacy through community service, student-funded scholarship

Impact of Giving


The Urban Scholars scholarship provides opportunities for Ohio's urban high school students with excellent academic achievement and financial need. In this video, several of the soon-to-be alumni share their thoughts on the Urban Scholars program, what they'll miss most about OHIO and their future plans.


This documentary project explores how families living well in the face of pediatric cancer is made possible by the endowment that supports the Schoonover Professor of Health Communication. Financial resources made available through the endowment enable Professor Lynn Harter to engage students and the broader community in her work, to travel to locations for filming, and to influence the lives of individuals and families facing profound vulnerability.


As only the second building on campus to be built entirely through private support, the Academic Research Center (ARC) takes collaboration to a new level. Together, the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Russ College of Engineering and Technology have pooled their ideas and resources to develop life-changing projects that pioneer new frontiers in technology. This video segment provides a glimpse into these endeavors and the success that can result from teamwork.


In this video, the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM) celebrates The Osteopathic Heritage Foundations’ transformative $105 million gift and the impact the gift will have on the community. The gift will be used in part to strengthen community health programs and continue to provide high-quality health screenings, medical services and education at little or no cost to individuals. Additional support for mobile health units and the Heritage Community Clinic will enable OU-HCOM to serve more patients, provide additional free screenings, deliver more comprehensive community health and wellness programs, and influence the overall well-being of the people in southeastern Ohio.