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Development Research

Role of Development Research
In keeping with the philosophy that university development efforts consist of placing gift opportunities before caring individuals, the role of the Development Research Office is to coordinate and manage information in order to match specific interests and capabilities of donors with gift opportunities at Ohio University that will offer the greatest mutual benefit.

The Development Research Office identifies and assesses alumni interests through an innovative, comprehensive program of reactive and proactive prospect identification and management and partnership with field staff. Our office also assists in staff training, monitors and gauges trends, and pursues developments, procedures and technologies in the areas of research, philanthropy, and business to engender ideas and recommendations that support University initiatives.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Development Research Office is to provide comprehensive research services and value-added information, knowledge, and strategy in the form of constituent analyses and update briefings for the purpose of facilitating contact with those alumni and friends who could have the greatest impact on Ohio University through the contributions of their time, talent, and philanthropic donations.

Services the Development Research Office Provides
The Development Research office provides a wide variety of research services to support the fund raising efforts of Ohio University. These range from simple requests for information to detailed summaries for leadership travel. These services are provided to senior leadership of the university, as well as assistant deans for development and other field staff.

To Obtain the Services We Provide

  • Request info by filling out the Research Request Form.
  • Timeline. Most requests can be fulfilled within two weeks. Leadership requests will be fulfilled within one week.
  • Priority. While we do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, remember you are one of many people utilizing our services and that Leadership-level requests and projects have priority. The priority in responding to requests is as follows:
    1. University Leadership (President, Provost, Senior University Administrative Officers, College and Academic Deans)
    2. A trustee or volunteer who has made a request through the Office of Development
    3. Directors of Development (Annual Giving, Major Gifts)
    4. Assistant Deans and other field staff
    5. Alumni Relations Office

Tips on Requesting Research

   Providing the Name

  • Please provide the full, correct name. Research follows threads, and must begin with a uniquely identified subject.
  • If the person goes by a nickname or their middle name, so indicate.
  • For common names like Smith, Brown, or Jones, we MUST have additional info like class year, city, or occupation.
   Formulating Your Request
  • Tell us how you came across the name and as much pertinent info as you already know about the person, including financial capability. That way we formulate the best search strategy for that particular person.
  • Tell us the reason for the request and be specific about what you need, whether it is discovering ties to your program, financial capability, etc. This will help us tailor the information you receive.
  • If special information prompted your request for research, let us know. (For instance, an inheritance.)
  • Consider the level of research you actually need. If you only need a single piece of information, limit your request to that item.
  • Consider that you may not even need to make a request through research, but could ask the prospect directly. If all you need is a birthday, spouse name, change of address, etc. it may prove most accurate and time-effective to simply ask the prospect directly. This provides a cultivation opportunity in which you can touch base with your prospect.
   Supplementing Requests
  • When you meet someone you know you'd like us to research, ask them for their business card and send us a copy. For purposes of data integrity, this is a good habit to get into whether or not you'll be requesting research.
  • If an article or letter from a third party has prompted your request, please forward a copy of this item with your research request.

Emergency Requests
Advance planning should virtually eliminate emergency requests for profile services. We are trying to serve many people and in fairness, we generally operate on a first-come, first-served basis. However, legitimate emergency needs occasionally arise and when they do, we will help all we can!


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