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Who called you? other bobcats!

While we use Wilson-Bennett to manage our phone center, Phonathon callers are current OHIO students. These fellow Bobcats enjoy hearing about your experience at Ohio University, and answering questions that you may have.

If you have any comments or concerns about your conversation with these current OHIO students, contact us at 800.592.3863 or by using our web form.

For more information about the the phone center, please contact the Wilson-Bennett campus manager:

Meghan Stursa, Director
Wilson-Bennett Technology, Inc.
E-mail:  mstursa@wilson-bennett.com
Office Phone: 740.593.0436
Web Address:  http://www.wilson-bennett.com

Meghan supervises the Phonathon and the students who work in the phone center. For a fun look inside the call center, check out the "Phone-a-thon" for a mockumentary take on the lives and work of some fictional student callers (created, written, produced by, and starring OHIO students!).