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The Postcard Project

How Alumni Can Participate

Personal contact with admitted students is an integral component of Ohio University’s recruitment efforts. The purpose of the postcard project is to make contact and congratulate them on being admitted to Ohio University. Most students are exploring other universities as well, and a postcard from a friendly OHIO Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network (VAAN) representative can make a difference!

This project is open to all alumni living in any geographic region in the United States. The project continues throughout the winter and spring months to encourage admitted students to enroll at OHIO.

Undergraduate Admissions will supply alumni with contact information for the students, blank postcards with pre-paid postage, and a timeline for sending the postcards. When possible, alumni will be paired with students with similar academic interests. OHIO VAAN representatives are encouraged to send postcards to at least 10 students, but are welcome to send more!

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Questions about the Postcard Project?

Contact Scott Jackson at vaan@ohio.edu or 740.593.4104 for more information.