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The Ohio University Recruiting Society

The Ohio University Recruiting Society, known to many on campus as O.U.R.S., is an organization that actively involves Ohio University students in the recruitment of multicultural students to OHIO. O.U.R.S. members are an important part of the successful recruitment efforts in Undergraduate Admissions. O.U.R.S. is open to all students at Ohio University who wish to be involved in the recruitment of future students.


Still wondering about O.U.R.S.?

Do you remember taking part in MSP (Multicultural Student Prospective), MVP (Multicultural Visitation Program), or Cultural Connections?  Well, these are three of our largest programs. These programs focus on bringing high school students to Ohio University where they can experience life at OHIO and have an opportunity to interact with current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.


The History of O.U.R.S.
Stanley Brown and Robert Smith, both Cleveland natives, and several other students went to Gordon Holly, Assistant Director of Admissions and Veronica Thomas, Coordinator of the Health Careers Program (HCOP), about forming a recognized student organization that would help Undergraduate Admissions and HCOP to recruit more multicultural students to Ohio University. In, 1985, the Ohio University Recruiting Service was established, and multicultural students eagerly volunteered to assist with overnight visit programs and extensive telecounseling. The name of the organization was later changed to the Ohio University Recruiting Society in 1988.


O.U.R.S. Community Service

O.U.R.S. participates in many different community service projects around the area. Whether it's volunteering time or raising money for an organization, O.U.R.S. is very involved in the community. O.U.R.S. has worked with organizations such as My Sister's Place, the Residence Actions' Council, and the Hocking Valley Residential Center.


How does O.U.R.S. help?

O.U.R.S. is involved in various programs on campus to bring more multicultural students to the campus. It is one of Ohio University's best means of getting the word out to prospective students.


Why Join O.U.R.S.?

  • Direct involvement in the recruitment of multicultural students
  • The development of leadership skills
  • Increased communication with administrators concerning the needs of multicultural students
  • A sense of belonging to and ownership of the University
  • Confidence in Ohio University's commitment to successfully recruit and retain multicultural students

How do I join O.U.R.S.?

Come to weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Chubb 260, be in good academic standing with the university, and complete an application for membership. We look forward to seeing you and joining the O.U.R.S. family.


Contact Us
If you have any questions feel free to contact the Executive Board.

President: Tiarra Comer – tc645110@ohio.edu

Vice President: Karris Barclay – kb163411@ohio.edu
Secretary: Olivia Payne – op794712@ohio.edu
Treasurer:  Madison Moss – mm316011@ohio.edu

Publicity Chair: Nia Hogue – nh650812@ohio.edu

Community Service: Theresa Wilson – tw099811@ohio.edu

Historian: Vivian Small – vs726211@ohio.edu

Sergeant at Arms: Daijah Abram - da411212@ohio.edu  

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