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2015 Arts and Sciences Scholars Program at OHIO

Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts and Sciences Scholars Program.

Enter your PID, which was provided on your application acknowledgement letter.

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By clicking the button above, I consent to the following: I wish to apply for the Scholars Program for 2015-2016. I understand that if I am accepted to the program, you will register me for the fall Scholars Program course, CAS 1110.

I will be available for an orientation for the program for the weekend of August 22-23, 2015.

Below are some questions that will be addressed in the Scholars Program course (CAS 1110). Please choose the question that interests you most and write a brief essay of 500 words in which you explain why it interests you. In your essay, please be sure to describe reading you have done that has given you insight into this question or has enabled you to answer it in some fashion. 1) Is there an underlying human nature fixed across time and culture? If so, how does this nature differ from non-human nature? 2) Do civilizations constrain, facilitate, or create selfish motivations? 3) To what extent is "the good" consistent with self itnerest? 4) What does it mean to identify human beings or human actions as "evil"? 5) What does the "just" society look like?

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