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Admitted Transfer Students

Admitted Transfer Student
Next Steps

To join the Bobcat family, admitted transfer students have important next steps to take. First, read all of the information about each of the steps to prepare for a successfal start this fall. Then, print the checklist below and check off steps as you complete them by the due dates.


Next Steps When Done?
Activate your OHIO ID Upon applying  
Fund your education/file FAFSA Beginning October 1  
Confirm your intent to enroll/submit housing contract January 5-May 1  
Review transfer credit evaluation 2-3 weeks after admission  
Explore Learning Communities February 1-May 1  
Register for Bobcat Student Orientation Beginning March 5  
Review financial aid award letter Beginning in April  
Pay $200 housing deposit for early room selection or complete housing exemption form By May 1  
Check to-do list in My OHIO portal and complete any requirements Late May  
Review Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 (coming soon!) Before orientation  
Take online math placement test if you want to improve your level Before orientation  
Attend Bobcat Student Orientation June 14-15 or June 18-19  
Review merit scholarship letter Beginning mid-June (if applicable)  
Review student expectations and academic calendar After orientation  
Enable OHIO online services After orientation  
Request final transcript be sent to OHIO June 30  
Complete online alcohol and sexual assault education courses* July 16-August 27  
Pay fall semester account balance August 20  
Move in Aug. 23-24  
Learn about health services and complete health history form August 27  
Start fall semester classes August 27  

* Transfer students with fewer than 30 earned credit hours are required to complete this training.

Activate Your OHIO ID

Upon Applying

To get started, it is essential that you activate your OHIO ID. You need your OHIO ID to access your OHIO e-mail and the housing contract. Your birth date and your personal identification (PID) number (provided in your application acknowledgement letter) are all you need to officially activate your online OHIO access, including e-mail.

Make sure you check your OHIO e-mail regularly. All official correspondence will be sent to your Ohio University e-mail account.

Activate your OHIO ID

Learn about your Catmail e-mail account

Fund Your Education

Beginning October 1

Ohio University is committed to an affordable college education. We are dedicated to helping our students find the financial support they need to discover their promise at OHIO. During the 2016–2017 academic year, our students earned more than $34 million in scholarships, and nearly $30 million in institutional, state, and federal need-based gift aid was awarded.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) serves as your application for need-based financial assistance at Ohio University. The FAFSA results must be received by Ohio University no later than May 15 for first-priority consideration for all federal, state, and institutional financial aid. For transfer students who are admitted for fall semester by May 15, your application for admission serves as your merit-based scholarship application.

You can view your account in the My OHIO Student Center, which provides account details, account balance, and payment options. You can also designate authorized users to enable other individuals to view your account details and make payments. OHIO may continue to award using updated credentials on an individual basis throughout the year.

Learn about filing the FAFSA

Financial aid and scholarships

Payment and billing info

Confirm Your Intent to Enroll

January 5-May 1

For students required to live on campus, submission of the housing contract and deposit (or housing exemption application) confirms your intent to enroll at OHIO. Transfer students with fewer than four semesters or six quarters in the residence halls after high school graduation are required to live on campus and participate in the associated meal plan. (See the link to exemptions below.) Students who are not required to live on campus may still apply for housing.

For other students, submission of the final transcript confirms your intent to enroll. There is no deadline to accept your Ohio University admission.

Our beautiful, historic, residential campus provides an environment where students of diverse backgrounds live and learn together, build friendships, and share their ideas and perspectives. About 8,000 students live in our 41 residence halls and dine in our award-winning campus eateries. Housing and Residence Life provides all the comforts you expect, along with creative programs to enhance the academic, social, cultural, recreational, and service aspects of your life.

Students do not need to know where they would like to live on campus to complete a housing contract. After completing the contract and selecting a meal plan, students will receive information about housing selection. Transfer students who are admitted before March 1 may complete a housing contract and select a room March 26-30. For all other transfer students, the room selection process will take place May 14-18. A limited room change process will occur May 23-August 1.

Submit your housing contract or commuter application to confirm your enrollment

Get details on housing

Get details on dining

View housing exemption information

Review Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer students who have activated their OHIO ID can view a preliminary transfer credit evaluation in their online OHIO Student Center. The preliminary transfer credit evalution is available within 10 days after admission.

The guide Understanding Your Online Transfer Credit Evaluation Report explains how to interpret each part of the report. If you have questions about your report, you can review our FAQ.

Review Transfer Credit Evaluation

Explore Learning Communities

February 1-May 1

A learning community (LC) is a group of Athens campus students who take a common set of courses together or share a common experience built around their academic studies. For some academic programs at OHIO, LC participation is required. More than 200 learning community options are available each year, with about 90 percent of new students participating in them. LCs are only offered for students arriving in the fall.

LCs may be college-based, designed around student interests, or structured to serve a particular group of students, such as transfer students. With your community members, LC leader, LC instructor, and faculty who teach your linked courses, you will make connections throughout the University. Each of these unique relationships can contribute to an academically rich, fun, and rewarding experience and your ultimate success at OHIO.

Learn about transfer LCs and enroll

Register for Orientation

Beginning March 5

Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO) connects you with the people and resources you’ll need to transition into OHIO with confidence. During this required two-day event, faculty, staff, and orientation leaders will teach you about the curriculum and the requirements for your major. You must attend orientation even if you did so at your previous institution.

Before orientation, you should  review the Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 (coming soon!) to learn about available courses.  Bobcat Student Orientation includes registering for courses.

You will have the opportunity to obtain your student ID card, tour the campus with your orientation leader, and take placement tests, if needed. (You can also take an online math placement test prior to BSO if you want to improve your math placement level.)

You will learn how to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to you as part of the OHIO community. Optional sessions for families and guests ensure the entire family will be informed about University academic programs and opportunities, policies, facilities, and services.

Transfer students who have confirmed their intent to enroll will receive BSO registration information in the mail in late February.

Register for transfer student orientation

Prepare to Join OHIO

Beginning in May

Now you are ready to complete the rest of the tasks required to ensure a smooth transition to your first day at Ohio University. This includes reviewing the course catalog, enabling your online services, and learning about student health services and insurance. Transfer students with fewer than 30 earned credit hours must complete the online alcohol and sexual assault education courses.

Get details on steps prior to beginning classes