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Admitted Transfer Students

Activate Your OHIO ID

Upon Applying

To get started, it is essential that you activate your OHIO ID. You need your OHIO ID to access your OHIO e-mail and the housing contract. Your birth date and your personal identification (PID) number (provided in your application acknowledgement letter) are all you need to officially activate your online OHIO access, including e-mail.

Activate your OHIO ID

Learn about your Catmail e-mail account

Fund Your Education

Beginning October 1

Ohio University is committed to an affordable college education. Learn more at the links below. File your FAFSA beginning October 1 with a priority date of no later than May 1 for scholarship consideration.

Learn about filing the FAFSA

Financial aid and scholarships

Payment and billing info

Confirm Your Intent to Enroll

Beginning January 6

For students required to live on campus, submission of the housing contract and deposit confirms your intent to enroll at OHIO. Transfer students with fewer than four semesters or six quarters of college credit after high school graduation are required to live on campus. (See exemptions below.)

For other students, submission of the final transcript confirms your intent to enroll. There is no deadline to accept your Ohio University admission.

Get details on housing

Get details on dining

Submit your housing contract or commuter application to confirm your enrollment

View housing exemption information

Explore Learning Communities

February 1-June 1

A learning community (LC) is a group of Athens campus students who take a common set of courses together or share a common experience built around their academic studies. For some academic programs at OHIO, LC participation is required. More than 90 percent of OHIO students enroll in LCs. LCs are only offered for students arriving in the fall.

Learn about transfer LCs and enroll

Register for Orientation

Beginning March 6

Bobcat Student Orientation connects you with the people and resources you’ll need to transition into OHIO with confidence. You must attend orientation even if you did so at your previous institution. Campus orientation includes registering for courses.

Register for transfer student orientation

Prepare to Join OHIO

Beginning in May

Now you are ready to complete the rest of the tasks required to ensure a smooth transition to your first day at Ohio University. This includes reviewing the course catalog, enabling your online services, learning about student health services and insurance, and taking online alcohol and sexual assault education courses.
Get details on steps prior to beginning classes