Administrative Senate 2017 Nomination Form

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The following seats are open for nominations:

District 2: Alden Library, Alden Annex, Crewson House, Scripps, Sing Tao House
District 3: Bromley, Chubb, Pilcher House
District 6: Computer Sciences (CSC), Copland, PSAC
District 7: Anderson, Grover, Porter, Walter, West Green Residence Halls
District 9: Clippinger, Edwards Accelerator, Irvine, Life Sciences, Surface Science Lab, Wilson  West, Zoological Animal
District 12: BioChem, Corrosion Center, WUSOC (OIT Staff), HRTC, Innovation Center
District 13: Central Classroom, Haning, WUSOC, Lasher
District 14: The Ridges Buildings 8, 9, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 37
District 15: Airport, McFarland Engineering, Stocker, Tech and Engineering
District 16: East Green Residence Halls, Konneker Research, Nelson, Wolfe & Mill Street  Apartments, South Green Residence Halls, Tech and Enterprise
District 17: 35 Park Place, Botanical Research, Gordy, Morton, Oasis, President’s Residence, Scott  Quad

Part-Time: 1 Vacancy
At-Large: 7 Vacancies
Regional: 2 Vacancies



Administrative Senate