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Administrative Senate 2015 Nomination Form

(See open districts below)
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The following seats are open for nominations:

District: 1 Bentley, Bentley Annex, Cutler, Ellis, Lindley, McGuffey, RTECH, Wilson 

District: 3 Bromley, Chubb, Pilcher House
District: 4 Brown House, Yamada International House, Claire Oats Ping Cottage, Galbreath Chapel, Glidden Hall, Hudson, Jennings House, Kantner, Konneker Alumni Center, Lin Hall, TBAMA, McCracken, McKee, Putnam, Sculpture Studio, Siegfried, Trisolini Gallery, Tupper
District: 6 Computer Services, Copeland, PSAC
District: 11 Central Food, Facilities Management, Factory Street, University Garage
District: 12 BioChem, Corrosion Center, HDL Center (IT/CNS), HRTC, Innovation Center
District: 14 The Ridges Buildings 8, 9, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 37
District: At Large (6 openings)
District: Regional Campus (2 openings)