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Senators gather in a park to take a group picture
Samantha Baker (2020) Profile Picture
Samantha Baker (2020)
Assistant Director, Admissions and Outreach
Osteopathic Medicine
Reetobrata Basu Profile Picture
Reetobrata Basu (2020)
Research Associate I
(740) 593-4605
Vice President for Research
Jennifer Bennett Profile Picture
Jennifer Bennett (2022)
Director, Wellworks
(740) 593-2662
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Jill Breeze (2020) Profile Picture
Jill Breeze (2020)
Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Office of the President
Mary Brown (2020) Profile Picture
Mary Brown (2020)
Resource Analyst
College of Arts and Sciences
Sarah  Burroway (2022) Profile Picture
Sarah Burroway (2022)
Director of External Relations
(740) 533-4593
VP Univ Outreach and Regional Campuses
Paul Campbell (2020) Profile Picture
Paul Campbell (2020)
Subject Librarian for the Social Sciences
Scott Carpenter Profile Picture
Scott Carpenter
Director of Laboratory Animal Resources Administrator At-Large, Ohio University Research Council
(740) 593-2997
Vice President for Research
Jennifer Cochran (2021) Profile Picture
Jennifer Cochran (2021)
Director of Strategic Communication and External Relations
(740) 593-1925
Division of Finance and Administration
Sam Crowl (2020) Profile Picture
Sam Crowl (2020)
Associate Director of Sustainability Sustainability 2022
Honors College
Marlene Cruz (2022) Profile Picture
Marlene De La Cruz (2022)
Director, Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention
(740) 593-9376
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Lisa Dael (2020) Profile Picture
Lisa Dael (2020)
Assistant Director, Online and Outreach Programs Library Committee (2021)
Intercollegiate Athletics
Alexander  Ecklund (2021) Profile Picture
Alexander Ecklund (2021)
Accessibility Coordinator Student Accessibility Services 2021
(740) 593-2620
VP Univ Outreach and Regional Campuses
Michael Elliott (2020) Profile Picture
Michael Elliott (2020)
Information Security Analyst
Division of Finance and Administration
Tim Epley (2022) Profile Picture
Tim Epley (2022)
Associate Director, Business Operations
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pamela Gordon (2020) Profile Picture
Pamela Gordon (2020)
Graduate College Services Administrator
Office of Global Affairs and International Studies
Margaret  Hutzel Profile Picture
Margaret Hutzel (2022)
Assistant Director PEER Team
(740) 597-2985
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs
Tori  Marshall Profile Picture
Tori Marshall (2022)
Director of Development, Major Giving
Vice President for University Advancement
Marjorie Mora (2021) Profile Picture
Marjorie Mora (2021)
Senior Budget Analyst, VPFA Business Service Center
Division of Finance and Administration
Chelsa Morahan Profile Picture
Chelsa Morahan (2021)
Assistant Director, Patron Services Event Services Post Publishing Board (2022)
(740) 593-0667
Vice President for Student Affairs
James Patterson (2021) Profile Picture
James Patterson (2021)
Research Financial Operations Manager
(740) 593-1444
College of Engineering
Dean Pidcock (2022) Profile Picture
Dean Pidcock (2022)
Director of Professional Experiences
College of Engineering
Randall Price (2021) Profile Picture
Randall Price (2021)
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs
College of Arts and Sciences
Chris Purdy Profile Picture
Chris Purdy (2022)
Piano Technician
(740) 593-4230
College of Fine Arts
Tommy Raimondi  Profile Picture
Thomas Raimondi (2022)
Graduate Program Manager (GPM)
(740) 597-7935
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Michael Rinaldi-Eichenberg Profile Picture
Michael Rinaldi-Eichenberg
Academic Advisor Kennedy / Frontiers in Science Lecture Committee 2020
Provost - Institutional Services
Wendy Rogers Profile Picture
Wendy Rogers (2020)
First-Year Programming Coordinator Post Publishing Board (2021)
University College
Cat Russell (2020) Profile Picture
Cat Russell (2020)
HR Liaison for Strategic HR Programs
(740) 593-0766
Special Appt for Service on Committee
Brian Thompson (2021) Profile Picture
Brian Thompson (2021)
Senior Director, Administration
Osteopathic Medicine
Matthew Thomson (2021) Profile Picture
Matthew Thomson (2021)
Program Manager of CoLab
(740) 593-2213
College of Business
Melissa Toretch (2020) Profile Picture
Melissa Toretch (2020)
Academic Advisor
College of Education
Beth Tragert (2020) Profile Picture
Beth Tragert (2020)
Director of Finance
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Zachary Tumblin (2020) Profile Picture
Zachary Tumblin (2020)
VoIP Engineer 2
Scripps College of Communication
Lindsey Ward (2022) Profile Picture
Lindsey Ward (2022)
Associate Director for Leadership, Inclusion and Staff Training
Vice President for Student Affairs
Jessica Wingett (2020) Profile Picture
Jessica Wingett (2020)
Director of Research Administration
Osteopathic Medicine