Committee List

2016-17 Executive Committee

Adminsenate Chair Jessica Wingett

Jessica Wingett, Chair

Adminsenate Vice Chair Tim Epley
Tim Epley, Vice-Chair

Wendy Rogers

Wendy Rogers, Secretary

Adminsenate Treasurer Marjorie Mora

Marjorie Mora, Treasurer


Compensation: TBA, Chair
Compensation Committee addresses the annual review of compensation distribution, including recommending action in regard to fringe benefits. Administrative Senate representation on the University-wide Compensation Committee shall be drawn from this standing committee annually.

Personnel/Policies: Eleni Zulia,  Chair
Personnel/Policies Committee addresses the relationship between administrators and the University as an employer. In particular, the committee shall review, study, and recommend Senate action in regard to such matters as performance, evaluation, and policies and procedures which affect the ability of administrators to function in their positions.

Professional Development: Misti Smith, Chair
Professional Development Committee addresses efforts to provide and encourage professional growth and development of administrators. In particular, the committee shall review, study, and recommend Senate action in regard to such matters as professional leave, continuing education, and recognition of professional achievement. 

OUtstanding Administrator: Eileen Theodore-Shusta, Chair 
OUtstanding Administrator Committee manages and oversees the annual OUtstanding Administrator Award process. Committee members are responsible for soliciting nominations for the award, reviewing applications and interviewing references, and for recommending one, two, or three award recipients to the University President. The committee chairperson or his/her designee works with representatives of the Service Awards Committee on the annual Service Awards Ceremony. Membership of this committee consists of a representative from each of the Senates (Faculty, Classified, Graduate and Undergraduate); and five (5) administrators.

Service Awards: Wendy Rogers, Chair
Service Awards manages and oversees the annual recognition of administrators' service milestones beginning at 10 years and every 5 years thereafter.  They also recognize retirees.  Committee members are responsible for reviewing and verifying administrators' service records and securing appropriate mementos to recognize their achievements. The committee chairperson works with a representative of the Outstanding Administrator Committee on the annual ceremony typically held in the Spring. 
The Service Awards Committee meets approximately once a month from January – June. 

Elections: Tim Epley, Chair
Elections Committee, composed of three continuing Senators appointed by the Executive Committee, manages and oversees the annual elections process for Senators, and for Senate officers. In addition, the committee shall monitor the number of administrators in each Senate district to ensure adequate and equitable representation. If it is necessary to reconfigure the composition of districts (in response to new buildings coming on-line, old buildings going off-line, or changes in locations of personnel) that duty also shall be carried out by the Elections Committee.  This committee meets mostly in spring semester only.

Ad Hoc Public Relations: Lisa Dael, Chair

Ad Hoc: Jessica Wingett, Chair
There shall be such ad hoc committees as are needed for the conduct of special business; the Chairperson and/or the Executive Committee of the Senate shall appoint these.

Grievance: Jessica Wingett, Chair
The Administrative Senate Chair maintains a roster of individuals who would be willing to serve on a grievance committee involving administrators; this roster is referred to only when an administrator contacts the Senate Chair to pursue a formal grievance (training to be provided).  In the event of a grievance, the Chair of Administrative Senate appoints an ad hoc committee "of at least three (3) administrators, none of whom shall be employed in the grievant's department" (Policy 41.011).  Please refer to the guidelines in Policy #41.011 for more detailed information and time limits:

Administrative Senate