Ohio University



We, the members of the administrative staff of Ohio University, concerned with the growth and development of the University; the broad scope of educational issues confronting the administration; the professional development of this administrative staff; and with the responsibilities delegated to the administrative staff by the Board of Trustees and the President of Ohio University, do hereby establish the Administrative Senate of Ohio University.

The purpose of the Administrative Senate is to promote and enhance the profession of university administration and specifically, the profession at Ohio University. The Administrative Senate will be committed to providing a collective and independent voice to those having administrative responsibilities in the conduct of the educational mission of the University. The Administrative Senate will provide the administrative staff of the University with a legitimate and necessary role in governance of the University through a public forum where the individual and representative voices of the staff will be heard, and will be one of equal participation with other representative groups in University decision-making.

The Administrative Senate holds the conviction that it can assist in the further growth and development of Ohio University through its own growth, development, and operation.

University executive officer(s) shall be appointed by the President of Ohio University to meet with the Administrative Senate regularly. The President shall have a standing invitation to meet with the Administrative Senate.