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2017 OUtstanding Administrators

2017 OUtstanding Administrators

Ohio University Interim President David Descutner with the the three 2017 OUtstanding Administrator Award:   Dianne Bouvier, Rich Neumann and Patti McSteen at the Ohio University 2017 Service Awards Ceremony.
Photo by Ohio University 

Each year the Administrative Senate honors three administrators for their significant contributions to Ohio University with the OUtstanding Administrator Award. The award winners are honored at the annual Service Awards Ceremony in the spring of the year. Previous winners have come from all areas of the University and nominations are accepted from all members of the University community; faculty, administrative and hourly, staff and students. 

OUtstanding Administrator Award Committee

Chair:  Eileen Theodore-Shusta
Administrators: Carey Busch, Wendy Merb-Brown, Roxanne Mal’e Brune, Lisa S. Dael and Randall Price
Faculty: Sara Helfrich
Classified: Sharon Romina
Maria Modayil
Undergraduate: Tracy Kondrit

Eligible administrators will have met all of the criteria below:

  • Five years of consecutive service as a full- or part-time administrator at Ohio University and currently serving as a full- or part-time administrator;
  • Administrative responsibility at any level (professional responsibility);
  • An administrative appointment of nine, 10, 11 or 12 months spending 50 percent or more of time in administrative duties. 
  • The President, Vice Presidents, Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice Provosts, Associate Provosts, the Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, Deans and those eligible for Faculty Senate are excluded from nomination for this award.



Three awards will be granted annually. Each award will include an appropriate certificate and $1500 in cash to be used at the discretion of the recipient. Funding to support the awards will be obtained and administered through the Administrative Senate.

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Any questions about the OUtstanding Administrator Award and the selection policy may be directed to Eileen Theodore-Shusta, Chair of the OUtstanding Administrator Award Committee.

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