Eleni Zulia (2018)
District: 1 Bentley, Bentley Annex, Cutler, Ellis, Lindley, McGuffey, RTECH, Wilson 
Position: Grant Development Coordinator, VP for Research
Phone: 740-593-0929

Paul Campbell (2020)
District: 2 Alden Library, Alden Annex, Crewson House, Scripps, Sing Tao House 
Position: Subject Librarian for the Social Sciences
Phone: 740-593-2688

Wendy Rogers (2020)
District: 3 Bromley, Chubb, Pilcher House
Position: Assistant Director, Learning Community Programs
Phone: 740-593-1962

Victoria McFadden (2018)
District: 4 Brown House, Yamada International House, Claire Oats Ping Cottage, Galbreath Chapel, Glidden Hall, Hudson, Jennings House, Kantner, Konneker Alumni Center, Lin Hall, TBAMA, McCracken, McKee, Putnam, Sculpture Studio, Siegfried, Trisolini Gallery
Position: Assistant Director, Alumni Special Projects
Phone: 740-566-0071

Tim Epley (2019)
District: 5 Baker Center, RTV 
Position: Business Manager, Event Services, Baker Center
Phone: 740-593-4023

District: 6 Computer Services, Copeland, PSAC

Beth Tragert (2020)
District: 7 Anderson, Grover, Porter, Walter, West Green Residence Halls 
Position: Director of Finance
Phone: 740-593-2470

Jill Breeze (2019)
District: 8 Grosvenor, Grosvenor West, Parks 
Position: Program Manager Strategic Initiatives
Phone: 740-593-2524

Jessica Wingett (2020)
District: 9 Clippinger, Edwards Accelerator, Irvine, Life Sciences, Surface Science Lab, Wilson West, Zoological Animal Science, Academic & Research Center (ARC)
Position: Executive Director Office of Research and Grants
Phone: 740-593-2336

Sam Crowl (2019)
District: 10 Aquatic Center, Bird Arena, Carin Center, Convo, Golf and Tennis Center, Peden Stadium, Ping, Visitor's Center, Wren Stadium
Position: Sustainability Project Coordinator
Phone: 740-593-0460

District: 11 Central Food, Facilities Management, Factory Street, University Garage 
Position: Director of Access, Transaction & Video Services
Phone: 740-593-9145

Emily Musal (2020)
District: 12 BioChem, Corrosion Center, WUSOC (OIT), HRTC, Innovation Center
Position: Senior Compensation Analyst
Phone: 740-597-1703

Michael Rinaldi-Eichenberg (2020)
District: 13 Central Classroom, Haning, WUSOC, Lasher
Position:  eCampus Advisor
Phone: 740-593-2917

District: 14 The Ridges Buildings 8, 9, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 37 

District: 15 Airport, McFarland Engineering, Stocker, Tech and Engineering 

Reetobrata Basu
District: 16 East Green Residence Halls, Konneker Research, Nelson, Wolfe & Mill Street Apartments, South Green Residence Halls, Tech and Enterprise 
Position: Post Doctoral Fellow

District: 17 35 Park Place, Botanical Research, Gordy, Morton, President's Residence, Scott Quad 

District: Part-time 

Melissa Toretch (2020)
District: At Large
Position: Academic Advisor
Phone: 740-593-4444

Lisa Dael  (2019)
District: At Large
Position: Online and Outreach Programs Coordinator
Phone: 740-593-9925

Christina Jenkins (2018)
District: At Large
Position: Application Support Specialist, Information Technology
Phone: 740-593-2620

Marjorie Mora (2018)
District: At Large
Position: Budget Analyst, Budget Planning and Analysis
Phone: 740-597-1707

Jessica Cook (2020)
District: At Large
Position: Assistant Director for Civil Rights Compliance

Nell Ann Sands (2018)
District: At Large
Position: Assistant Director Academic Affairs
Phone: 740-597-1565

Dean Pidcock (2019)
District: At Large 
Position: Director of Professional Experiences
Phone: 740-593-0894

Michael Elliott (2020)
District: At Large 
Position: Information Security Analyst
Phone: 740-597-9000

Randall Price (2018)
District: At Large
Position: Senior Advisor, Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
Phone: 740-593-2844

Zachary Tumblin (2020)
District: At Large
Position: Manager Distance Learning Operations

Jennifer Maskiell (2018)
District: At Large
Position: Assistant Director, Residential Housing, Planning and Assessment
Phone: 740-593-4096

Filiz Levy (2018)
District: At Large Central Classroom, Haning, WUSOC, Lasher
Position: Assistant Director, Donor Relations Events
Phone: 740-593-0028

Eileen M Theodore-Shusta (2020)
District: At Large 
Position: Director of Planning Assessment and Organizational Effectiveness
Phone: 740-593-2989

Nina Queen (2019)
District: Regional Campus
Position: Student Services Specialist
Phone: 740-593-4548

Samantha Baker (2020)
District: Regional Campus
Position: Admissions and Outreach Coordinator

Brian Thompson (2018)
District: Regional Campus
Position: Senior Director Administration
Phone: 614-793-5558


Administrative Senate