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Service Dogs in Training

Service Dogs in Training

A service dog in training is a dog who is preparing to be trained or is in training to perform a task related to a disability, for a person with a disability. Under Ohio Revised Code, a service dog in training should be afforded the same access as a service dog, however must be covered by a liability insurance policy provided by a nonprofit special agency with a primary focus of training service animals.

Registration Process

Students and employees must register their service dog in training with the Office of University Accessibility. Community members and other visitors who are frequently on campus with their service dog in training are likewise encouraged to also register their dog with the Office of University Accessibility.

Once it has been determined that the animal is a service animal in training, has basic obedience training, and is housebroken, the following information will be required annually:

As part of the registration process, individuals must provide the following documentation:

  1. Proof of liability insurance provided by the nonprofit special agency engaged in training of service dogs;
  2. A photo of the service dog in training;
  3. Health information about the service dog in training; and
  4. Dog registration from Athens County or the home county.

To begin the process, please contact the Office of University Accessibility at 740.593.2620 or email access@ohio.edu