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Accessible Paths of Travel

While each campus at Ohio University has its own terrain and campus, all of them seek to be accessible to all members of its community, students, faculty, staff and members of the public. Some campuses, like the Athens campus , reflects the surrounding hills of Appalachia, and provide accessibility challenges. Navigating the campus can take forethought and multiple solutions. Whether you are walking or wheeling, driving and parking, or taking advantage of a transit option, the following describes what is available on the Athens campus. 

Walking or Wheeling

In Athens, University Planning updates the campus accessibility map to show which pathways are easy, moderate or difficult to navigate. Whether you are riding a bicycle, scooter or wheelchair, you need to plan your route. In cases where there are changes of elevation, the campus community has other accessible transportation options through Transportation Services. 

Athens Campus Accessibility Maps 

Driving and Parking

Athens campus provides information about parking, including information and locations of accessible parking.  

Parking Services

Information on accessible parking

Athens Campus map of designated accessible parking spaces

Transit Options

Getting around campus and the City of Athens using vans, shuttles and buses is easy and free. Transportation Services has multiple options for catching a ride. 


Catcab is a shuttle system dedicated to providing door to door service for persons with mobility challenges. Proper documentation is required to be on file before you are permitted to use this service.



CATS is a free shuttle service that has regularly scheduled routes around campus.


CATS Late Night

CATS Late Night is a free shuttle service offered to faculty/staff and students which operates evening and night hours when other services stop.  

CATS Late Night

Bobcat Pass Program

The Bobcat Pass Program, a partnership between Ohio University & The City Of Athens, enables faculty/staff and students to ride Athens Public Transit buses free with their university ID.

Bobcat Pass Program