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Strategic Approaches

ADA Transition Plan

In 2018, the University concluded the RFP process to select a firm specializing in conducting ADA Transition Plans. Under the coordination and facilitation of University Planning, this firm will conduct an assessment of our buildings and pathways on the Athens Campus, to identify barriers for persons living with disabilities to accessing programs and services.  Integrating their findings into our current plans for the Campus Master Plan and other initiatives, their report will include a cost analysis and proposed timeframe for remediation. 

Accessibility Liaisons

The Accessibility Liaisons are a diverse group of individuals (students, faculty, and staff) who may be persons living with a broad range of disabilities, those who work in positions that directly serve individuals living with disabilities or promoting accessibility, and those who understand the world of disability (parents, faculty, colleagues, advocates, family members, etc.). This group serves as an internal resource to the University community and serves as liaisons to the City of Athens Commission on Disabilities. Additionally, the Accessibility Liaisons, through the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and the City of Athens, collaborate with the Athens City Commission on Disability. 

Please contact the Office for University Accessibility if your department seeks input from persons who understand disability impact in provision of your service and program. Membership for this group is selected annually, with some members participating over multiple years.