Ohio University

Animal Expectations and Etiquette

Service Animal Expectations and Etiquette

When on campus a service animal and/or handler are expected to:

  • Be under the control of its handler (this may include voice control if the animal must be off leash to perform work)
  • Be in good health and well cared-for
  • Abide by local and state laws and regulations
  • Remove themselves from a situation if the animal’s behavior is causing disruption

Basic service animal etiquette includes:

  • Do not feed, pet, or otherwise distract the animal from performing its work
  • Do not attempt to separate the animal from its handler
  • Do not startle the service animal
  • Contact the ADA/504 Coordinator to resolve situations in which the presence of a service animal creates a conflict with another individual with a disability (i.e. specific phobia, severe allergies, etc.) and do not assume the service animal will not be permitted.

For More Information 

Contact Carey Busch, ADA/504 Coordinator and Assistant Dean for Accessibility, Office of University Accessibility, at 740.593.2620 or email access@ohio.edu.