Ability and Accountability - AAA
Student Senate Ticket
President: Michael Adeyanju

Thank you to everyone for your support and CONGRATULATIONS!! to everyone on the 21 from the AAA team and all 34 students elected to positions

For a small article about the election and results, select the article link below:
AAA is a party made up of diverse people. We have people from different races, political ideology, majors, and colleges. We have people who all bring unique and different viewpoints, but who share one goal: making OU better for the students. We are dedicated, intelligent, passionate, personable people who want to work for yOU. This is your student senate and it's time we started getting the things you want done.

If you have more questions after visiting the website, please visit the student senate website at:

Please visit our Candidates Page and our Platform Page for more information on out ticket.
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