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While some might like to claim to be the face of change, real change requires more than a face; it requires a body; it requires action. It requires more than rallies or newspaper articles. It requires working, often behind the scenes; it requires research, knowledge, communication, serious and thoughtful action. AAA asks only to be measured by its actions, by its history. Whether it's in creating an honors track in the College of Education, or serving as members of the successful student General Fee Governance Council, or fighting the cut of four athletic teams last year, or organizing Take Back the Night, or renewing this University's commitment to the liberal arts, AAA and its members have shown what they are made of. Anyone can make promises. Few have the will and the ability to turn those promises into reality. And indeed, it is the will to act that drives us forward. We are where ABILITY meets ACCOUNTABILITY.

Our platforms include:

1. Accountability: not only holding ourselves accountable but also the administration and other students. We intend to initiate productive but dogged lobbying efforts to achieve change, while ensuring more student input in the evaluation of President McDavis.

2. Student Outreach: we want to connect more to the students; not just the students who are overly involved and active, but every other student on this campus who deserves to be heard.

3. Environment: we want to see the University continue, but also enhance their work in saving the environment. Particularly through recycling efforts on and off campus, ensuring the President's Commitment to Climate Change, working with the Office of Sustainability and the Green Network, creating a rotating fund for environmental initiatives, and focusing on alternative energy sources and LEED green-building certification.

4. Off-Campus Living: we want to make sure that students living off-campus are having a positive experience. This means that we want to hold the city accountable for housing codes and make sure that OU students are being represented.


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