Ability and Accountability - AAA
Student Senate Ticket
Our Candidates for the academic year 2008-09 AAA ticket are:

Our Ticket:
Michael Adeyanju President ***

Sally Neidhard Vice President ***

Andrea Blamble West Green

Jesse Neader West Green ***

Emily Hanford South Green ***

Scott Slivken OCL ***

Kat Allen OCL ***

Parker Fernandez OCL ***

Megan Burke OCL ***

Eric White OCL ***

Brandon Campbell At-Large ***

Theo Scott At-Large ***

Micheala Hahn-Lawson At-Large

Shannon Ashford At-Large ***

Erica Cohen At-Large ***

Corey Gaddis Sac At-Large ***

John Fouser Sac At-Large ***

Rafael Bibb Sac At-Large ***

Marc Cunningham Sac At-Large ***

Natasha Lemon College of Arts and Sciences

Alissa Griffith College of Communications

Max Henderson College of Business ***

Michelle Connavino College of Education ***

Christine Beam College of Health and Human Services ***

Robert Leary HTC ***

*** Signifies that the Undergraduate Student won the position in the 2008 Student Senate election.

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