Reserving the Lab

The AAC Computer Learning Lab can be reserved for the instruction of small groups (we are limited to 19 computer workstations: 17 Macs, 2 PCs). You or your representative can use our facilities to teach or guide a group in computer related skills, or if you would like, we may be able to provide instruction to your group depending on the topic your request.

To reserve the AAC Computer Learning Lab for your group or class, complete this form. Before filling out the request to reserve the lab, please make sure you read and understand the conditions listed below.

The lab is only available for reservations during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters while classes are in session.

Sessions can only be a maximum of 2 hours.

Lab reservations need to be requested at least 1 week before the needed time. The earlier the request, the greater likelihood of our being able to reserve the lab at your requested time.