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Published Policy and Procedure

New, Revised, and Re-numbered Policies

Numeric Index -Policy and Procedure- Alpha Index

New    Revised    Interim    Re-numbered

This index of new, revised, and re-numbered policies is organized into four sections:

  1. New Policies are those whose current version is the first to be approved. They are listed in reverse chronological order of approval.

  2. Revised Policies are those whose current version was preceded by one or more prior versions. They are listed in reverse chronological order of approval.

  3. Interim Policies are either new or revised policies that have been approved for interim use, under the provisions of the last subsection of Policy 01.001. They are listed in numerical order.

  4. Re-numbered Policies were originally issued with another number. They are listed in numerical order of their new numbers.

Links to all approved policies can be found from the numerical index and from the alphabetical index.

1.   New Policies

91.004 - University Credentials (first approved 8/27/15)

12.021 - Student Names (first approved 6/4/15)

40.058 - Administrative and Classified Compensation (first approved 2/11/15)

2.   Revised Policies

40.106 - Administrative and Classified Appointments (revision approved 6/8/15)

41.010 - Faculty and Staff Health and Welfare Benefits (revision approved 6/8/15)

41.115 - Administrative Position Status Determination (revision approved 2/11/15)

12.050 - Canceling Registration, Dropping Classes, and Withdrawing (revision approved 12/15/14)

40.049 - Overtime for Non-Exempt Employees (revision approved 10/28/14)

40.037 - Rehiring of Retired Administrative and Classified Employees (revision approved 10/22/14)

40.013 - Domestic Partner Benefits (revision approved 10/10/14)

3.   New and Revised Interim Policies

02.002 - Banning (interim revision approved 6/4/15)

40.040 - Job Classification System (interim revision approved 10/22/14)

40.045 - Terminations and Reinstatements of Classified Employees (interim revision approved 6/4/15)

41.006 - Group III Appointments (interim revision approved 8/20/12)

4.   Recently Re-numbered Policies

41.001 (was 41.000) - Vacation and Winter Closure Time for Administrative and Classified Employees (re-numbered 11/24/14)

Numeric Index -Policy and Procedure- Alpha Index

Administrative Policy Manual

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