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91.001:  Computer Services' Mailing Label Service

WITHDRAWN as of May 29, 2013


Approved on October 28, 2002Signatures and dates
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October 1, 2002 

Initiated by:

David Fritchley
Director of Computer Services

Reviewed by:

Nancy Prichard Crist, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Douglas Mann
Associate Provost for Information Technology

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp

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This policy is intended to clarify the circumstances under which Computer Services provides mailing labels and address labels.


It is the policy of Ohio University to provide the services of Computer Services in printing mailing labels and address labels for University departments and other officially recognized University groups or organizations.


I.  Files Available for Printing of Address Labels and Lists

A.  Address Files Available in Computer Services

The following data are stored and maintained as part of various ongoing systems and are available for use by University administrative offices:

Employee - Campus Address
Employee - Home Address
Student - Athens Address
Student - Home Address
Alumni - Address

B.  Special Address Files

In addition to the above, many special address files are created and maintained by various departments or individuals for their own use. Several examples are:

High Schools in Ohio                     (School of Education)
High Schools in Surrounding States       (School of Education)
Organizations and Associations in Ohio   (Workshops)
Season Ticket Holders                    (Athletics)

All requests to create a special address file should be directed to the Computer Services Ad Hoc Reports Supervisor.

II.  Who May Request Address Labels or Lists

  1. Labels which are produced as a part of regularly scheduled ongoing systems will be run as scheduled on a no-charge basis.

  2. Special one-time requests by University administrative offices for labels to be run from address files available and maintained by Computer Services (see sub-section I, sub-sub-section A, above) will be run as requested on a no-charge basis.

  3. All requests for labels from special address files (see sub-section I, sub-sub-section B, above) created and maintained by various University departments will be scheduled and run free of charge.

  4. All other requests for mailing labels will be run on a charge basis as set forth in sub-section IV below.

III.  Requests for Labels

Requests for labels by administrative departments should be made to the Computer Services Ad Hoc Reports Supervisor.

Requests for mailing labels and address lists produced as a function of an ongoing system must be authorized by the administrative office who serves as the official custodian for all data and information associated with that University function (for examples, see the Policy section of Policy 12.020, "Student Records"). Computer Services serves as a repository for data and information, but may not authorize or deny the use of that information.

  1. Requests for employees' address labels must be directed to the Payroll Supervisor, the Personnel department, or their designee.

  2. Requests for alumni labels must be directed to the Director of Alumni Affairs, or their designee.

  3. Requests for student mailing labels must be directed to the Registrar, or their designee.

Requests for mailing labels and address lists by offices and programs funded from nonoperating monies, by individual professors, University-approved groups and students will be scheduled and run on a charge basis upon authorization by the appropriate University official maintaining stewardship over the information in question. Labels or lists being prepared for University-recognized student organizations and groups, in addition to being authorized by the appropriate administrative office, must be processed through the Student Activities Office, Baker Center.

IV.  Charging Rates

Labels may be printed 1-up (one label per each address) or 3-up (three labels per each address).

Inquire of Computer Services' Ad Hoc Reports staff to learn the current charges for blank labels, printed labels, and data entry of special mailing address files.

V.  Procedure for Requesting Labels

Requests for label printouts should be made in writing, indicating sequence, date wanted, address file to be used, number of labels wanted (i.e., 1-up or 3-up), and should reach Computer Services at least one week before the labels are needed. Special address files should be updated before requesting printouts or mailing labels.

VI.  Label Affixing Services

Mail Services provides label affixing services (see Policy 42.001, "Mail Service"). Inquire of them to learn the current fees.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Vice President for Administration


There are no forms that are specific to this policy.

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