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Administration Policy and Procedure

41.129:  Professional Development for Administrators


Approved on March 27, 2006Signatures and dates
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Initiated by:

Becky Bushey-Miller
Director of University Professional Development

Endorsed by:

The Ohio

Kathy Krendl

Approved by:

Roderick J. McDavis

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Ohio University values the individuals in its community. It encourages and supports programs that enrich their lives and improve their knowledge and skills. Professional development provides opportunities for administrators to better serve the educational process, the academic community, and thus the institution as a whole, by increasing the effectiveness of the administrator through on-going training and development for a current assignment, as well as preparing for the future.

Professional development for classified employees is addressed in Policy and Procedure 41.134, "Professional Development and Enhancement for Classified Employees."


Professional development is the organized, formal, and systematic efforts of Ohio University to provide and promote education and training for its administrators.

Professional development includes:

  1. In-service training programs, conferences, and seminars to enhance administrative knowledge and skills.

  2. Professional development leave opportunities.

See Policy and Procedure 41.128, "Leaves of Absence for Presidential Appointees," for other information about unpaid educational leaves.

Policies and Procedures

I.  Training Programs, Conferences, and Seminars

  1. The administrator will notify his or her supervisor of the professional development opportunity in a timely manner and request approval from the supervisor.

  2. Approval by the supervisor to attend the professional development opportunity will be given to the administrator if it does not adversely affect the administrative unit.

  3. Administrators who attend training programs, conferences, and seminars will routinely share with colleagues the knowledge and skill gained.

II.  Professional Development Leave

Professional development opportunities available for administrators will also include those that require the administrator to leave current position responsibilities.

A.  Application

Application for a professional development leave will be made in writing to the appropriate supervisor. The application must include a well-considered plan, presented with a reasonable degree of specificity, explaining how the leave will contribute to the administrator's professional development and the goals of the institution. The application will specify:

  1. whether the leave is paid or unpaid;

  2. the duration of the leave;

  3. conditions required of the administrator upon return to campus, if any (e.g., a formal report or a specific duration of continued service to Ohio University).

It is entirely appropriate for the administrator to discuss the opportunity and to review a draft of the application with his or her supervisor, applying the criteria of the next sub-subsection, in order to obtain feedback to strengthen the application.

B.  Initial Evaluation

The supervisor will review the program opportunity with reference to time, budget, and content demands of the program, and the needs of the university.

Evaluation of the opportunity by the supervisor will include consideration of:

  1. Evidence of potential value of the professional development and associated leave to the University;

  2. Performance of the individual in his or her administrative assignment;

  3. Ability of the administrative unit to absorb the work or suspended responsibilities of the administrator during the period of the professional development opportunity.

C.  Review and Approval

If the supervisor is not the planning unit head, then he or she will send the application with his or her recommendation for action to his or her supervisor, and so on up the chain of command to the planning unit head.

The planning unit head will send the application along with his or her recommendations for approval or disapproval to the President for final approval or disapproval. The administrator will be given written notification of the President's decision in a timely manner.

D.  Appointment

If the leave is approved, a presidential appointment will be issued setting forth the duration and terms of the leave. Rates of pay, continuing university benefits, and assistance with expenses should be negotiated individually with the appropriate supervisors, consistent with applicable law, rules, and regulations.

E.  Return

Professional development leaves can be of varied length. Under normal circumstances, an administrator will return to Ohio University for a minimum of one additional year of service following the leave period.

F.  Report

A report on the completed professional development leave shall be submitted by the administrator in a form mutually agreed upon following the return of the administrator to his or her duties at Ohio University, consistent with the specifications of the application.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. President

  2. Provost

  3. Cabinet

  4. Vice President for Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

  5. Administrative Senate

  6. Policy and Procedure Review Committee


There are no forms that are specific to this policy.

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