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Administration Policy

40.044:  Transfer or Promotion for Classified Employees


Re-formatted on July 5, 2016
Approved on March 21, 2006
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Initiated by:

James E. Kemper
Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration for Human Resources

Endorsed by:

The Ohio

Kathy Krendl

Approved by:

Roderick J. McDavis
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  1. Overview

    This policy provides for posting and advertising of vacancies in classified positions at the university. This policy does not apply to any positions covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

    Ohio university will inform classified employees of transfer and promotional opportunities through departmental and university-wide postings, using a variety of communications methods, when a vacancy occurs.

    Planning unit managers will give first consideration to those qualified applicants currently employed in the planning unit where the vacancy exists. If the position cannot be filled by this internal posting process, then the vacancy will be posted university-wide for current university employees.

    University human resources (UHR) will post and advertise the position for external applicants, if the vacancy cannot be filled from a university-wide posting.

    The only employees eligible to apply for a transfer or promotion are full-time, part-time, and intermittent permanent employees. An employee is not eligible for transfer under this policy for a period of one year after accepting a transfer under this policy. An employee is eligible to be promoted under this policy only after satisfactorily completing the probationary period for his or her current position. Transfer under this policy does not initiate a new probationary period, but promotion does.

    Transfers resulting from reorganizations to avoid layoffs will take precedence over this policy, as described in policy 40.046.

  2. Definitions

    1. Posting

      A publicly displayed statement of a vacancy, used to notify internal employees of the position and of any examination(s) -- where applicable -- that will be given. The posting will include the job classification, minimum qualifications, department, working hours, pay grade, a brief description of duties (including essential functions), responsibilities, skill assessment (if applicable), and deadline date for applying. Postings may be communicated by e-mail, Web pages, campus mail, placing printed copies on departmental bulletin boards, etc.

    2. Transfer

      The movement of a person to a similar position - a position similar in duties and responsibilities and of the same value (pay grade and range).

    3. Promotion

      The appointment of an employee to a different classification which is assigned a higher pay range than the previous position.

    4. Limited access posting

      A posting intended to create a ranked list of eligible candidates without notice of a specific vacancy, to establish a pool of candidates for a particular classification, to be used for a specified period of time (up to two years).

    5. Open posting

      A posting intended to create a short-term (ranked or unranked) eligibility list for a specific position, which will be used only for filling that vacancy.

  3. Minimum qualifications

    All applicants must meet each of the following minimum qualifications:

    1. Must have completed the probationary period for the currently held full-time or part-time permanent or permanent intermittent position.

    2. Must have a satisfactory attendance record.

    3. Must have received at least a satisfactory overall rating on the most recent performance evaluation.

    4. Must meet each of the minimum requirements for the posted vacancy.

  4. Procedures for transferring or promoting employees

    1. Notice of vacancy

      1. When a vacancy occurs within a planning unit, UHR must be contacted to review and determine the appropriate job classification, pay grade, and whether the position will be filled through a limited access posting or an open posting.

      2. The planning unit hiring manager will prepare the "Position Requisition" for review and approval by UHR, working online through the UHR employment website, linked from https://www.ohio.edu/hr/employment/.

      3. The notice of vacancy will be posted on the planning unit bulletin board, and circulated within the planning unit by the manager for a period of three working days.

      4. All interested employees must apply online through the UHR employment web site, linked from https://www.ohio.edu/hr/employment/, before the closing date of the posting.

      5. If fewer than three qualified applicants from within the planning unit submit applications through the UHR employment web site, the planning unit manager may request to have the position posted university-wide.

      6. All university-wide positions will be posted on the UHR employment web site, linked from https://www.ohio.edu/hr/employment/, for a period of three working days.

    2. Testing and practicals

      1. If an examination is requested by the hiring department, the hiring department will supply technical questions to UHR (for areas where employment tests have not been developed).

      2. UHR will be responsible for developing and conducting the appropriate examination(s).

      3. Provisions will be made to accommodate applicants with protected disabilities in accordance with state and federal law.

      4. Any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding testing must be directed to UHR.

      5. Test results for full or part-time permanent positions will be valid for a one year period from the date the test was taken.

      6. If the hiring department decides that a departmental examination or practical is to be administered, both must be approved by UHR.

    3. Screening and ranking process

      1. UHR will screen all applicants to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications for a transfer or a promotion. Only those applicants who meet the minimum criteria will continue in the hiring process.

      2. Candidates seeking a transfer will be considered without additional testing except when a practical is required.

      3. Candidates seeking a promotion must be tested by UHR, where appropriate, and may be subject to a practical.

      4. A medical evaluation may be required when a employee has been promoted to a new position that requires different or increased physical qualifications.

      5. If UHR received at least three acceptable applicants from within the planning unit, the vacancy will be filled from within that planning unit by transferring or promoting an employee.

      6. If there are fewer than three internal applicants from the planning unit, the vacancy may be posted university-wide. The process outlined in this section will be repeated.

      7. Candidates will be ranked according to the test and interview results, efficiency, and experience.

      8. UHR will assist the hiring department in coordinating and conducting the structured interviews, if requested.

    4. Selection process

      1. UHR will notify the hiring department head (or designee) of the qualified candidates.

      2. The department head (or designee) making the selection may recommend the top-ranked candidate without an interview, or interview a number of candidates and select one.

      3. The hiring department must complete and submit to UHR the online "Bargaining Unit/Classified Employment Hiring Report" showing the rank order and selection criteria used in the selection process.

    5. Hiring offer

      1. UHR is the only authorized representative to make an official hiring offer.

      2. When there is nonconcurrence, UHR will advise the department head of the reasons and consult with the department head to achieve a resolution.

      3. If there is concurrence, UHR will make the offer as described in the "Bargaining Unit/Classified Employment Hiring Report."

      4. UHR will make the hiring offer, confirm an acceptance in writing, establish the effective date to report to the new department, and schedule the employee for a physical examination if appropriate.

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