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Administration Policy and Procedure

40.042:  Performance Evaluation for Classified Employees

Status:Approved on November 1, 1989Signatures and dates
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Issued by:Gary North 
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  1. Purpose

    This policy provides for regular performance evaluation of classified employees of the University.

  2. Policy

    It is the policy of the University that all classified employees will receive a periodic performance evaluation from the immediate supervisor to whom they are regularly assigned. Evaluations are to take place twice during any probationary period and at least annually during the employee's anniversary month of hire.

  3. Procedures

    The purpose of these procedures is to describe in detail how and when performance evaluations are to be completed. Supervisors should be thoroughly familiar with the procedures contained herein and with the Performance Evaluation Form before evaluating an employee.

    Each classified employee should be rated by his or her immediate supervisor. The reviewer may be the next level of supervision or other management representative designated by the department head.

    OOnce an evaluation is completed and signed by the supervisor (rater), it must be reviewed and signed by the reviewer. After the report is signed by both the rater and reviewer, it is presented to and discussed with the employee during the evaluation interview. The employee will then acknowledge having seen the report by signing it. No changes and/or additional comments will be made on the report once it has been signed by the employee. The employee may include comments if desired. If the employee refuses to sign the report, the supervisor will record this fact on the evaluation report.

    The original copy of all completed evaluations shall be sent to University Personnel Services and will become a permanent record in the employee's personnel folder. A copy of the completed report will be retained by the department, and a copy will be given to the employee.

  4. Evaluation Periods

    Evaluations will be made during probationary periods and annually as follows:

    The probationary period for all classified non-bargaining unit employees in a classification assigned to Pay Range 10 through 25 and 50 through 68 is 120 days. Probationary evaluations for full and part-time employees with a 120 day probationary period will be made upon completion of 60 days and 110 days of service as a new employee or following a promotion. For those employees in a classification assigned to Pay Range 28 through 40 and 71 through 83, their probationary period is 180 days, and evaluation will be made upon completion of 90 days and 170 days of service as a new employee or following a promotion. Performance evaluations for intermittent employees will be made at the completion of 350/700 or 500/1000 compensable hours, depending on the length of their probationary period.

    A notice that probationary evaluations are due will come from University Personnel Services. Forms and instructions will be sent to the employee's supervisor through the department head. Procedures should be established within the department to insure the timely completion of evaluations, a review of the ratings, evaluation interview(s) with the employee and the return of the reports to University Personnel Services for file.

    When making the final probationary evaluation and if the probationary period has been satisfactorily completed, the notation "employee to be retained" should be entered on the report. If the employee is not be retained, a written request for probationary removal should be forwarded, along with the completed evaluation, to the Director of University Personnel Services. No probationary removal will be approved by the Director of University Personnel Services unless a properly completed evaluation is submitted with the request for probationary removal.

    All employees, except those on probationary status, will be evaluated annually during the anniversary month of their date of hire. A notice that annual evaluations are due will be furnished by University Personnel Services, except as indicated below.

    An annual evaluation should cover the employee's performance in the department during the preceding year or the time since completion of the last probationary evaluation. An annual evaluation need not be made for any employee whose probationary evaluation has been completed within 60 days of the annual evaluation date.

    At the discretion of the department head, annual evaluations for all employees assigned to the department may be completed at one designated time of year (e.g., spring break). These arrangements should be made with University Personnel Services and notice that evaluations are due is the responsibility of the department head.

    Written comments by the rater are mandatory for any overall or individual ratings of unacceptable or marginal. These comments are required to explain, justify, and support the rating. Reports that fail to include supporting written comments will be returned to the rater for compliance with these provisions.

    In the case of an overall rating of marginal or unacceptable during an initial probationary period, the employee should be recommended for removal by the department head. The removal action is to be requested of and authorized by the Director of University Personnel Services.

    In the case of an overall rating of marginal or unacceptable during a promotional probationary period, the employee should be recommended for return to the previous classification held. The reduction action is to be requested of and authorized by the Director of University Personnel Services.

    In the case of an overall rating of marginal or unacceptable on an annual evaluation, the employee should be informed by the department head that he/she is now subject to further evaluation culminating in disciplinary action, demotion or dismissal if job performance does not improve to an acceptable level within 60 days. A copy of the notification to the employee should be attached to the evaluation report. A special evaluation should then be made at the end of the 60 days. If warranted, appropriate action initiated by the department, should be requested of the Director of University Personnel Services.

  5. Appeal Procedures

    If an employee feels that the annual evaluation as rendered by his/her supervisor is unfair or unwarranted, he/she may file a separate written request for a review with the department head or the next level of supervision if the rater was the department head. Any such request must be filed within 10 calendar days of the date the employee reviewed the report. If the review does not satisfy the employee, he/she may request a further review of the evaluation by the Director of University Personnel Services. The Director may review evaluation ratings at any time, whether requested by an employee or not, when there is reason to believe a review is justified.

Administrative Policy Manual

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