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Administration Policy

40.005:  Performance Management for Administrators


Re-formatted on August 11, 2016
Approved on October 28, 2002
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September 1, 2002 

Initiated by:

James E. Kemper
Assistant V.P. for Administration
for Human Resources

Reviewed by:

Nancy Prichard Crist, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary North
Vice President for Administration

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp
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  1. Overview

    This policy provides for the annual performance evaluation for Ohio university administrators (i.e., administrative presidential appointees and unclassified staff). Actions regarding appointment renewal and salary status should originate at the departmental level with systematic performance evaluation of each administrative employee by the immediate supervisor.

  2. Timetable

    The performance evaluation should be a continuing. ongoing activity occurring regularly through effective supervision in the process of communicating work assignments, monitoring activity, identifying requirements for improvement, and critiquing the quality and quantity of employee productivity.

    Prior to March fifteenth each year, the immediate supervisor shall review the performance record of each administrative presidential appointee.

    A formal performance evaluation will occur at least annually with the supervisor scheduling and holding a performance interview. The evaluation must be in writing and signed by the supervisor and employee. Performance evaluations cannot be grieved.

    See also policy 40.106.

  3. Satisfactory performance

    In the case of an employee whose performance is satisfactory, it is required that a written summary of the evaluation be completed. This document should contain at least a statement verifying that the interview took place and that the employee has performed satisfactorily and is eligible for salary increase as university funding permits. Copies of this document should be sent to the employee, to the supervisor's immediate supervisor and to the appropriate executive officer by March fifteenth.

  4. Marginal or unsatisfactory performance

    In the case of an employee who has performed marginally or unsatisfactorily, the immediate supervisor will consult with his or her immediate supervisor. A written summary for the evaluation specifying the reasons for the marginal or unsatisfactory performance will be prepared and sent to the employee with a copy to the supervisor's immediate supervisor and the appropriate executive officer by March fifteenth.

    An employee who is disciplined has the right to grieve under policy 41.011.

Administrative Policy Manual

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