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Student Policy and Procedure

24.003:  Baker Center Reservations

Status:Approved on December 30, 2002Signatures and dates
on archival copy
Effective:when approved 
Initiated by:Richard Carpinelli
Director of Baker University Center
Reviewed by:Nancy Prichard Crist, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee
Endorsed by:Michael Sostarich
Vice President for Student Affairs
Approved by:Stephen Kopp
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  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to establish systematic procedures for reserving space in Baker University Center.

  2. Policy

    Baker University Center will provide equitable access to space, for use by Ohio University recognized groups, University departments, University committees, and, when available, appropriate non-University individuals and groups.

  3. Procedures

    1. Reservations Procedure

      The following procedure will be followed by all individuals or groups desiring to use Baker Center facilities.

      1. Applicants will contact the Reservation Coordinator in the Administration Office in Baker Center and request a specific date(s) and type of facility needed. The Reservation Coordinator will confirm availability of the needed facility at the date and time requested.

      2. If the facility is available, the applicant will furnish the name of sponsoring organization and all essential details of the event, including type of event, etc.

      3. Individuals and groups are required to provide Baker Center with changes and other information as desired, but only through the authorized representative of the group (applicant) as indicated on the reservation form. Further, such information must be given only to the Reservations Office staff.

    2. Facilities Charges

      Generally, Baker Center facilities with standard set-up may be used by recognized Ohio University organizations without charge, providing that the organization is not itself charging (or collecting donations). Recognized organizations charging for attendance (or collecting donations) at the event may be charged a facilities usage fee. All non-University organizations will be charged a rental fee.

    3. Standard Set-Ups and Special Set-Up Charges

      1. Standard set-ups in meeting rooms include chairs, tables, whiteboards, as shown in the standard room set-up chart available from the Reservations Coordinator.

      2. Standard set-ups in the Ballroom includes chairs, tables, risers, podium, microphone as requested by the individual or group.

      3. Standard set-ups in miscellaneous areas of Baker Center are available from the Reservations Coordinator.

      4. Special set-ups, beyond the scope of those identified above as standard, will normally require the payment of additional fees. The applicant should consult with the Reservations Coordinator to ensure that needed facilities are available and to establish the fees.

    4. Additional Use Regulations

      1. Outside or additional lighting for any Center facility or event must be arranged on booms or poles. (No fixed lighting may be removed. ) No lighting may be attached to walls or ceiling. Additional lighting, audio visual equipment, etc., must be approved and coordinated through the Facilities Coordinator in Baker Center.

      2. If curtains are necessary, they must be hung from booms or poles and may not be hung from existing curtains or rods. The use of curtains must be coordinated and approved by the Facilities Coordinator in Baker Center.

      3. No articles may be fastened or taped to any of the surfaces or curtains of the Center.

    5. Set-Ups for Food Service Events

      Events in Baker Center requiring food service must be coordinated through Baker Center Catering.

Administrative Policy Manual

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